Fresh Breath For Dogs


How developing a solution for doggy breath grew into a company that offers a range of natural health products for animals.

“Everyone I knew was complaining about their dog’s bad breath,” says Orlando Miguel. It was 1995, and realizing there was a need for oral hygiene products that were effective, safe and easy to use, he started doing some research. “We discovered that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats were showing signs of oral disease by the age of three,” he says. “I also knew that oral hygiene is just as important for animals as it is for ourselves.”

Orlando’s solution to the problem was to formulate a natural “brushless” product for plaque and tartar control that he named Pet Kiss. The odorless and colorless blend of zinc, beet juice and vegetable glycerin was specifically created to help dissolve plaque and tartar, whiten teeth and freshen breath. Knowing that most animals don’t like having their mouths touched, Orlando also designed the product to be simple to use. “You just add a capful to the animal’s water every day.”

The California-based entrepreneur and animal lover didn’t stop there. “He had the vision to enhance the world of pet care by developing safer, healthier products for animals,” says Mayra Kaffie, the company’s accounts manager. “Using science and nature, he has developed a whole range of quality pet care products from oral hygiene to food supplements to dog treats.” While the oral care line remains the most popular, hence the decision to name the company Pet Kiss after the original product, Orlando also offers specially formulated natural supplements to help with shedding, joint problems and stress, as well as additive-free treats made from whole food ingredients such as fresh chicken, beef, pork and sweet potatoes.

“We’re continuing to come up with multiple new products,” adds Mayra. “One of our newest is an all natural solution to help remove tear stains from around the eyes without the use of bleaches, peroxides or any antibiotics.”

Since his company’s inception over 15 years ago, Orlando’s goal has consistently been to provide safe, easy to use, natural quality healthcare products for dogs and cats. “We want every animal to have the best health possible in the safest possible way,” says Mayra. All the products are available both nationally and internationally through vet clinics, pet supply and health food stores, as well as grooming shops and online stores.

“We’re committed to helping animals live healthier and happier lives,” says Mayra, adding that what both she and Orlando enjoy most about what they do is simply making a difference in the overall wellbeing of animals. “I know we are helping them live to their fullest.”

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