Get Active With Your Dog


Helping people and their dogs get physically active was the inspiration behind this unique business.

Sheri Stone knows the importance of being active, not just for people, but for dogs as well. “I lost my two miniature Schnauzers to cancer,” she says. “That was long before I learned that being overweight and not getting enough proper exercise might have contributed to their illness. Now I know better!”

Jeri also knows many dog lovers are still in the same mindset she used to be, and don’t yet recognize how crucial it is for their canine companions to get adequate physical activity. “I wanted to show them there are many different ways to exercise with their dogs in a healthy way, beyond just an occasional walk around the block.” Jeri’s passion to get canine couch potatoes moving motivated her to launch DogTreader.

“I started thinking about a business whereby I could provide valuable information to dog lovers on some of the ways they could help their animals stay healthy and well adjusted through exercise,” she says. “In 2010, I began researching to find the best sports, conditioning and rehab products that I would feel confident in recommending to others. My website has been active since June of last year, and I now have a nice range of quality equipment to enable people to bike, walk, run, ski, swim and scooter with their dogs, as well as dog treadmills, conditioning and rehab products.”

Her company website offers a wealth of information and products, everything from why your dog might need a treadmill, and how to find the right one for your canine’s size, to agility equipment, bike leashes, accessories for Skijoring and Canicross (running with your dog), and tips on night, water and travel safety. Products may be ordered online, and Jeri makes herself available to provide further information. “I have a very personalized business where people can actually call and ask me questions,” she says. “I think that’s a lot better than dealing with a static mega-website where there is no personal interaction. Customer service should be a number one priority.”

Jeri is also active in a variety of animal-related causes, adding that she has loved animals since childhood. “The years spent in 4-H as a young girl and later as a 4-H leader; a career as a dog groomer; adopting the many stray cats and dogs who just showed up at my door over the years – it all deepened my desire to help animals. I participate in various canine cancer, shelter and AKC events throughout Sacramento and Nevada counties. It’s a great way to spend the day – so many happy faces and wagging tails!”

Though her business is not yet a year old, Jeri feels she is filling a much-needed niche in canine care. “People are aware of the importance of being fit themselves, but are still learning about the role that fitness plays in the health and wellness of their dogs.”

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