Celebrity golden retriever, Glee, is on a tour to raise the spirits of a hurt nation

This happy-go-lucky golden retriever is on a mission to spread joy – or should we say “glee” – across the United States.

When it comes to human health, dogs can be extremely healing. Research shows that simply being in the presence of a companion animal improves one’s mental, social, and physiologic well-being – a fact to which all pet parents can attest. When New York locals Jennifer and Jared first brought home Glee, a sweet golden retriever who seemed to pick up on their every emotion, they immediately understood the healing power of the human-canine bond. Glee’s empathic nature and uncanny ability to spread joy was so powerful, in fact, that they knew they couldn’t keep it all for themselves.

In an effort to lift the spirits of the nation in the same way that their pup lifted theirs every single day, this dog-loving duo started an Instagram account to share snapshots of Glee with the world. Glee’s follower count grew quickly, and now amounts to over 312K. After witnessing the major impact of their social media posts, they realized one thing – Glee’s influence was something more people needed to be a part of. “We started our account to spread positivity, but in the current climate we felt like we could and should do more,” says Jennifer. So they rented a van, packed their bags, and set out to share her with others.

Glee’s “Joy Tour” began in Manhattan on August 13th. Their bright orange and pink vehicle made stops in populated areas where meet-ups were arranged with fans and other social influencers, and anyone else in need of some puppy love. “We brought Glee around the country and continue to work on our Joy Tour in the effort to connect people to one another and heal a nation traumatized by violence and negativity,” says Jennifer. “We are going to be continuing the tour around New York and the east coast.”

On September 11, Glee stopped in NYC at Ground Zero. Despite the deep grief that filled the area, Glee was still able to do what she does best – give love wherever it was needed. “Glee has the most beautiful soul,” says Jennifer. “She understands how people are feeling and deeply wants to bring them joy – whether it’s by nuzzling someone who might be insecure or giving someone a kiss who is excited to see her.”

To spread joy to even more pet parents, Jennifer and Jared just launched a new text subscription program called Goldn. Members receive practical tips and tools via text message four time a week to help them establish a “happiness routine” for their pets.

Part one of their tour is wrapped up, but Jennifer, Jared and Glee don’t plan on stopping there. Glee loves the work she’s doing, and they receive messages every day from fans who want to meet her. Until that changes, they’ll keep the Joy Tour alive. “We’re working to obtain a therapy dog certification so that we can expand the locations we bring Glee,” says Jennifer. “The ability to bring her to schools or to other vulnerable populations would be an amazing way to expand her journey to spread joy even further.”

To follow Glee on her tour, visit her on Instagram.


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