Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love Rescue

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Location: Foster homes throughout North Carolina/upstate South Carolina

Year established: 2009

Number of staff/volunteers/foster homes: 40 volunteers and foster homes

Types of animal they work with: Great Danes and other dogs, especially those that may be passed up by other rescues due to special needs

Fundraising initiatives:Our biggest fundraising goal is to pay for medical care for the dogs,” says Cinnamon Ellison. “Being in the south, we get a lot of heartworm positive dogs, and we also take on special needs dogs that other rescues may pass up due to expense. Our foster homes provide all the food, toys, bedding and love. We pay 100% of all medical expenses. We have had hip replacements done as well as TPLO surgeries, gold bead implants for Wobbler’s, parvo treatments and bloat surgeries.”

Favorite rescue story:Ella and her pups were surrendered to a local shelter after she gave birth. The runt of the litter was very weak; the shelter thought she wouldn’t make it and asked if we just wanted to leave her. We said no way and brought her back with the rest of them. Ella developed severe mastitis and the pups had to be bottle fed. We split the pups up into individual foster homes. It took several months but with love, medical attention and lots of great care, all the pups survived and so did Ella. All were adopted out into great forever homes — even the little runt, Edwiena. She is now in a home with her own little child owner, and they adore each other!”

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