Guelph Humane to the Rescue

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Location: Guelph, ON

Year established: 1893

Number of staff/volunteers/foster homes: 27 full- and part-time staff, 200 active volunteers

Types of animal they work with: “We care for stray, injured, orphaned and surrendered animals, including cats and dogs as well as rabbits, guinea pigs, wildlife, reptiles, waterfowl and even fish,” says April Kilfoyle.

Fundraising initiatives: “We host multiple fundraisers throughout the year. They include our Slo Pitch Tournament, Friends for Life Walk, and our Furball Gala. We’ve also hosted an annual Walk & Whine wine tasting and live auction.”

Favorite rescue story: “Last summer, an emaciated English bulldog was brought in with two gaping wounds on his back legs. The veterinarian diagnosed a host of health problems, but after just one month of treatment, Tugboat Willy was a brand new dog. He gained ten pounds, his skin was much improved, and he was able to undergo surgery to repair his cherry eye. Tugboat was an incredibly affectionate, loving, playful boy known for rolling a big ball around the shelter’s outdoor playpen. He was adopted by a family who absolutely adores him and has another bulldog for him to play with.”

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