Healers Pet Care, Inc. specializes in rehab and injury prevention products

Engineer Terri Entler created Healers Pet Care to help prevent dogs from getting injured – and rehabilitate those that do.

Paw wounds are common in dogs. From torn pads to punctures, these traumas range from minor to severe, but almost always require home care after the initial vet visit. For several weeks, dog parents must clean and re-bandage the site multiple times a day to prevent infection and promote healing, a process that’s both challenging and time-consuming. Terri Entler learned this firsthand in 2011, when her German shepherd, Jake, returned from a hike with his pads burned by the hot ground. Two months of bandaging and soaking were in order, but after just a few days, Terri knew there had to be a better way.

Terri made many failed attempts to find a product that could replace the gauze, which stuck to her pup’s wounds. Eventually, she took matters into her own hands. Using her sewing machine, breathable mesh material and Velcro, she crafted dog boots designed specifically for healing. By inserting non-adherent gauze pads into the boots, her invention enabled her to protect Jake’s wounds much more efficiently. To Terri’s delight, his paws healed quickly, and the veterinarian was thoroughly impressed. Eager to share her success with other dog parents facing the same predicament, Terri launched Healers Medical Dog Booties under her new company name, Healers Pet Care, Inc.

Inspired to help even more dogs, Terri soon decided to expand her product line. She created a leg wrap, as well as two unique full body wraps ideal for post-surgery healing. “Our goal is to simplify home care after an injury, protect wounded areas, and maybe eliminate the need for a cone…which everyone hates,” she says.

But as time wore on, Terri realized something. As important as it was to create products for rehabilitation, it was equally important to help prevent injuries from happening in the first place. Not long after, the company’s next product, Urban Walkers, was born. These “everyday” boots shield paws from environmental conditions, protecting dogs from avoidable injuries.

Terri’s mission to prevent and promote healing wasn’t complete without a few holistic remedies. With the help of various experts, she designed a line of supplements for dogs and cats, and also partnered with Dr. Eric Witherspoon, who had developed topical ointments for his own veterinary practice. These products have become a favorite among those seeking natural therapies to support their dogs’ healing process. “The hot spot relief uses hydrocortisone or CBD to effectively kill the itching and calm the irritation,” says Terri. “The wound spray is for all animals and is very effective for killing bacteria, flushing wounds, and improving healing times.

“Helping people care for and improve their animals’ health – that’s why we do what we do,” Terri adds. “I love talking to my customers and solving their issues so they don’t have huge vet bills. I love it when customers tell us our products extended their animals’ lives.”