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Superior Nutrition for Good Health

Feeding your dog or cat the highest quality food possible is one of the best ways to help ensure a long and healthy life. Made in the US from carefully sourced ingredients, RAWZ natural pet foods are high in meat and minimally processed to provide your companion with complete natural nutrition. Offering dehydrated, wet, and dry selections, the company uses no rendered meals or other unhealthy ingredients.

Help Her Feel “PAW-SOME”

Winter weather can cause dry, cracked paw pads. Washbar’s Kanuka + Repair Paw Balm helps soothe and moisturize her paws. A chemical-free combination of essential oils and beeswax, this balm is perfect for dry or damaged skin, and can help repair cracks and minor wounds, as well as minor skin conditions found in wrinkles, tail flaps, ear creases, etc. Contains sustainably-sourced Copaiba oil, and Kanuka oil from New Zealand.

Quality Supplements Make a Difference

There are lots of animal supplements on the market, but choosing quality is crucial. With Endurapet, you know you’re getting the best. Included in their extensive line of products for dogs and cats is an Immune Support supplement loaded with natural ingredients such as Maitake mushroom, Omega-3 fatty acids, Coenzyme Q10 and more. It boosts your best friend’s immune system to help her fight viruses, respiratory illnesses, allergies, and more.

Keep Track of Your Best Friend

Help ensure your animal companion’s safety, health and happiness with the next generation Pawfit 3s pet location and activity tracker, featuring the unique Pawfit Voice training and command tool. Your dog or cat will love wearing the 100% waterproof, smart GPS tracker, wherever he may go. Up to 30 days of battery life. Use code AWPT15 for 15% off.

Soothe His Skin with Fish Oil

During the winter, dry indoor air can sometimes exacerbate your animal’s skin problems and allergies. Fish oil may help alleviate discomfort and improve his overall skin health. Iceland Pure provides only the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade fish oil products for animals. Sourced from Norway and Iceland, the oils are extracted at cool temperatures to keep the fatty acids intact.

Luxury Fashion For You & Your Dog

Want you and your dog to look and feel your best? Dogily offers premium, eco-friendly accessories for dogs and humans made from natural silk — a luxurious fabric that’s also easy on the skin. Their collection features three elegant designs that come in a hair scarf and scrunchie for you, and a matching square scarf for your dog.

Time For A Treat!

Whether you’re training your four-legged friend or just want to give him something special, it’s important to use treats that are healthy as well as tasty. Raw Rewards from Northwest Naturals is a line of freeze-dried single ingredient treats for both dogs and cats. Simple and nutritious, these gluten-free goodies come in many choices, from beef, chicken or pork heart to bison liver, wildcaught salmon, green-lipped mussel and more.

Real Food Delivered To Your Door

What could be easier — or healthier — than top quality dog food delivered right to your door? Chi Dog sends your canine companion cooked food therapy meals designed by integrative and holistic veterinarians across the country. These diets are formulated to strengthen the therapies your dog is receiving from your holistic vet. Order online for home delivery, and choose from a variety of menus.

Are You Buying The Right Dog Toys?

Play is important to your dog’s physical and emotional well-being, and provides both exercise and mental stimulation. Buying the right toys can make playtime even more beneficial and enjoyable. Cooltugs offers a range of carefully-chosen dog toys that are easy to use, and rewarding for your dog. From PitchDog Rings to Liker Balls by Collar, the toys are well made and designed for optimal fun — for both of you!

Attention All Dog & Cat Parents!

Looking for innovative and trustworthy pet education 24/7/365? Join the Animal Wellness Academy! From the publishers of Animal Wellness, this educational platform offers video lectures from leading industry experts, product manufacturers, and integrative veterinarians, PLUS over 2,000 articles, blogs, tips and studies, all at one convenient easy-to-navigate location. Register today for a free membership!

Healthy Dry Food For Cats

Looking for an excellent dry food for your kitty? RAWZ Meal Free Dry Food for Cats features high meat and low carb content — over 92% of the protein comes from fresh, dehydrated muscle and organ meats. It’s made in small batches, cooked at low temperatures, and includes no highly-processed ingredients like chicken meal or chicken fat.

Take The Edge Off Anxiety

Many animals experience anxiety. EnduraPet Calming Plus will help keep your dog or cat calm, and potentially improve his lifestyle. It’s not a sedative; rather, it’s intended to take the edge off nervous or easily excited animals. Use it for car rides, unexpected guests, thunderstorms, training, separation anxiety, fireworks, bath time and much more.

Learn Animal First Aid

When emergencies occur, quick action is paramount, and being able to respond fast if your dog or cat needs immediate help can save his life. Walks ‘N’ Wags’ online Pet First Aid course includes hands-on practice, multiple choice quizzes, and a user-friendly manual complete with custom illustrations.

Superior Immune System Support

Strong immunity is one of the fundamentals of good health for your dog. Get him ready for the winter with I’M-YUNITY® for Dogs. This immune-boosting, proprietary, medicinal mushroom extract features polysaccharopeptide (PSP), which can only be isolated from the Coriolus versicolor mushroom.

Microbiome Support Made Simple

Support and maintain his microbiome with a well-balanced and nutritionally adequate diet, supplemented with specific prebiotic fibers and viable probiotics. NutriSource food, along with the Good 4 Life supplement pack, offers a wide spectrum of microbiome-supporting ingredients, including live probiotic strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Enterococcus faecium, selenium yeast, the prebiotic mannan oligosaccharide (MOS), and more.

Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Animal kisses are adorable…but not if their breath smells awful. Dental disease is usually at the root of bad breath, so it’s important to do something about it. ioVet™ Oral by ioTech is a molecular iodine pet water additive that not only helps freshen breath, but also supports your dog or cat’s periodontal health, and whitens his teeth.

Level Up Your Training Tools

Successful dog training includes using the right gear. Heather’s Heroes is a world famous producer of dog training tools that help develop better relationships between dogs and their people. For example, the innovative Sidekick® is a handmade leash designed with comfort in mind. It gently and effectively calms excitement, fear, anxiety, leash reactivity and aggression, creating a positive and respectful connection between you and your dog.

Support Greyhound Rescue

Greyhounds make wonderful companions. The GREY2K USA Education Fund is the sister organization of GREY2K USA Worldwide. They work to sponsor greyhounds as they are released from closing racetracks, and educate the public about the cruelty of dog racing. Their mission is to spread the word about these gentle dogs and promote adoption efforts.

Scent Your Space and Give the Gift that Everyone will Love!

Choose from Scent Machines, Luxury Fragrance Oils, Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils, Reed Diffusers, Room Sprays and our Limited Time Holiday Seasonal Candles.

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A New Cat Litter Your Cat Will Love!

Introducing a New Cat Litter from Dr. Pol™ That You and Your Cat Will Love. Cats are drawn to the inviting, fresh aroma and comfortable texture of this 100% all-natural pine product. Plus it’s free of harmful chemicals to keep cats happy and healthy.

Good for your cat, good for you, and good for the environment!

Smarter dental care with 25% Off TEEF! 

TEEF’s Protektin42™ is the smarter way to manage daily dental hygiene for your pet. Created by Emily Stein, PhD for her own pet, TEEF leverages microbiology and plant-derived nutrients to manage oral bacteria, which naturally promotes dental health and fresh breath.

Spoil Your Pooch This Holiday Season.

Side by Side’s Stocking Stuffer Packs make it easy to spoil your pooch this holiday season. Available in warming, cooling, neutral, and mixed packs. Only $30 each and you get FREE Shipping. PLUS a FREE Tetra Stew so you can feed your pup a healthy & hearty holiday dinner!

Don’t be a grinch and forget your pup this year! Stuff their stockings, fill their bellies, and balance their bodies with clean, whole, raw food goodness that’s just the right ingredients for their needs!

Pet coverage with affordable rates and real benefits.

Keep Fido feeling fit with coverage that protects your pet without emptying your wallet AND get perks and privileges so you can keep spoiling your BFF. Every pet deserves the same amount of love and the same emergency expense coverage. Four cats and two dogs? The more the merrier—with no price increase!


Peak Nutrition without Compromise

ZIWI® Peak gently air-dried foods combine the best of raw diets with the safety and convenience of dry foods. With a mouth-watering 96% whole, wild-caught blue mackerel, lamb, organs, green mussels, and bone, our delicious PeakPrey® recipe helps you and your pet live your best lives, together.

100% Pure + Organic Mushroom Extracts

Real Mushrooms are now available for your pets in capsules, bulk powders and soft chews. All of our organic mushroom extracts contain measure levels of the important beta-glucans, no grain fillers and have standardized dosing for pets of all sizes. Vet formulated and approved by Dr. Rob Silver DVM, MS.