Stress Relief Oral Spray for Pets

Holiday stress can take a toll on your pets. Help them relax with LifeFORCE Stress Relief Spray. The calming, ingestible blend is infused with flower essences that will soothe your anxious pet and improve his well-being so that he too can enjoy the festivities with the fuss or fear! Use code: AW2018 for 10% OFF your order!

Unique holiday treats

Fruitables Vanilla Snowflake treats are made with snowflakes sustainably harvested from the mountains in Crested Butte, CO and then combined in a pumpkin, granola & yogurt combination that smells great and comes in at only 9 calories. They come in 7oz. bags and are perfect stocking stuffers for your furry companion.

Pain relief plus

PURICA Recovery SA Extra Strength: Whole Body Health for Pets. Strengthens bones, muscles and connective tissues. Helps prevent injury, reduces pain, inflammation and spasms. Increases endurance and flexibility.

Biologically appropriate diet

Your dog deserves the best and that’s why you serve ORIJEN Tundra — the Biologically Appropriate diet created by the world’s best pet food maker, Champion Petfoods. Tundra is prepared exclusively at our NorthStar Kitchen in Alberta and features eight whole game, fish and fowl ingredients, plus fresh fruits and vegetables. We source all ingredients from regional farmers, ranchers and fishermen we know and trust. Learn more about Tundra and our Fresh Regional Ingredients online.

Cozy canine blanket

You’ll be drawn to Molly Mutt blankets because of the amazing colors, patterns, and especially because of the durability. Your pup will be drawn to the cozy fleece layer underneath. Even the best behaved dogs like to hop up on the sofa from time to time. Cover the couch, car seat, or yourself.

Keep him hydrated

While the weather may be cooling off, the need for hydration never goes away. Our unique COOL DOG™ Doggie Water Fountain is designed to keep dogs fully hydrated during play time. The Doggie Water Fountain comes in eight dynamic colors and is built with the finest grades of heavy-duty 316 stainless steel. To get a quote or browse our options online.

Calming aromas

With the Mellow Dog Aromatherapy Kit, you can The aromatic blend of lavender, green mandarin collar tag and is sure to calm your pooch’s jitters during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Use code: AW2018 for 10% OFF your order!

Travel in style

The innovative Sleepypod Air maximizes the space available for in-cabin air travel. It has Ultra Plush bedding, making it a cozy pet bed away from home. Sleepypod Air is even a crash-tested car seat. Folds for easy storage, can be attached to luggage handles, and has pockets for stowing travel items.

Hemp for his health

Give your furry friend the best holiday yet! Improve their health and wellness with hemp products. Healthy Hemp Pet Company products are formulated for better health and happiness. All products are made with chemical-free organic PCR hemp oil grown in Colorado! Choose from biscuits, drops, balm or crush. Buy online.

Even Santa needs an extra hand!

What to do first this holiday season… walk the dog, go shopping, visit family, deliver gifts? You can do it all with Smoochy Poochy’s versatile hands free leash. Shop online at

Essential oil diffuser kit

Need a gift for secret Santa? Sleek, modern and compact, the LifeFORCE wooden essential oil diffuser is both stylish and practical. The diffuser is ultra-quiet and provides up to 8 hours of cool mist. Combine with your choice of essential oil blend from LifeFORCE and the whole family can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Use code: AW25OFF for 25% OFF your order!

Hurtta Extreme Warmer

The Extreme Warmer jacket will keep your dog warm even in the most challenging conditions. The reflective foil inside the jacket reflects the dog’s body heat and gives the jacket significant, extra warmth. A high tricot hood warms the dog’s neck and can be lifted to protect the ears.

Get him home safely

Give your lost pet a much better chance to make it back home safely. Blanket ID tags come with special features that help get your best friend found, identified, cared for and quickly back to you. Protect Your Pet. Help Others.

Organic Healing Kit

Keep noses and paws soft and supple and quickly tend to minor cuts and scrapes with Pura Naturals Pet USDA Kit. A must-have for wellness and preventative maintenance for any dog owner. Our organic balms are made with food grade ingredients, so they’re safe if licked.

Animal Wellness Natural Cookbook for Dogs

Lip smackin’, tail waggin’, healthy goodness in every bite of this inspiring collection of full color recipes for your beautiful pooch. The editors of Animal Wellness Magazine have poured the love into creating this cookbook and you don’t have to be Julia Child to make these recipes… the easy to understand instructions will have them begging for seconds in no time. Proceeds support Canine Cancer Research. ONLY $10 (Reg. $19.95) Order Online.

Wine” for your dog or cat

Pop open a bottle of Dög Pawrignon or Mëow & Chandon this holiday season and cheers to your pet! PetWinery makes delicious organic, non-alcoholic beverages for your fur-friends. Let them join in on the celebration! Use code HOLIDAY25 for 25% off any online order.

CBD to the rescue

CALM, EASE, and HEAL your pet’s ailments with CBD Dog Health tinctures. These all-natural tinctures made with non-GMO hemp grown in the U.S. contain 550 – 1100 mg full-spectrum CBD. CBD Dog Health CBD oils can help calm anxiety, ease joint pain, and heal tumors and more.

Laser therapy

Give your patients the gift of pain relief with a Companion Therapy Laser! Companion offers a range of lasers for every practice and every budget, so you can be sure your laser therapy equipment will be a perfect for both your patients and your bank account.

Treats to chew on

Nature Gnaws chews are 100% all natural, made with one single ingredient. Each chew is cleaned with water (no chemicals) and baked to perfection. Not only do dogs love the taste, but they are a high in protein and support dental health. Our new holiday pack of braided bully bites, beef jerky sticks and tendon chews are the perfect gift for the dog lovers in your life. Let your friends and family know that you care for their four-legged loved one as much as they do.

Natural paw protection

LifeFORCE all-natural Paw Stick is the answer to all your dog’s paw protection problems. With moisturizing and restorative ingredients, the lickably safe formula prevents and heals cracking while guarding against environmental factors such as snow, salt, ice, hot pavement and rocks. The combination of beeswax and vitamin E provide a breathable and moisturizing paw protectant – no booties required! Use code: AW2018 for 10% OFF your order!

Hemp Dog treats

PetHelp Hemp Dog Treats 500mg: Fifty 10mg Hemp Dog Treats for your furry friends! Great for Thunderstorms, Traveling, Anxiety, Physical Ailments, & so much more! Directions: Give 1-2 treats every 6-8 hours. Recommended serving size is 1mg per 1lb. Increase serving size as needed. For more information or to place an order, email or check us out online.

Food for good gut health

Crumps’ Naturals Gutsy ™ dehydrated dog food is made from antibiotic and hormone free chicken or fish, organic fruits and vegetables, and a unique blend of novel ingredients specifically designed for preventative and protective “GUT” health.

Non-toxic litter deodorizer

Smelly cat litter deodorizer is the natural solution to tough litter box odors. Both safe and effective, the refreshing and antiseptic combination of essential oils will conquer your cat’s heavy-duty doody and keep the whole house happy! Use code: AW2018 for 10% OFF your order!

Power to his paws

Woodrow Wear’s Power Paws are the perfect solution for traction indoors, and for allergies, snow, and heat outdoors. They are available in three durability levels, and in 13 sizes across 2 distinct foot shapes. The result? A good fit for virtually every dog! Give your dog the best. Give your dog Power Paws!

Relax… naturally

NOW® Pets Pet Relaxant is formulated to promote relaxation and contentment during changes to a pet’s daily routine, which can include separation, travel and/or tension. This health supplement is made with natural botanicals, and is for use in dogs and cats only. For more information visit us online.

Quality CBD for pets

Not all CBD’s are created equal. Rover’s Relief uses a proprietary blend of CBD oil extracted from the flower of organically grown plants direct from the grower. 100% THC free with scientific data supporting its efficacy. Available in Freeze Dried Duck Treats and Oil.

Put an end to grooming stress!

Remove dead hair, dust and dander without the stress or discomfort sometimes associated with standard shedding blades or combs. The short, fine teeth easily grab loose, dead hair while also removing the dust and dander that can dull a dog or cat’s coat. It’s easy to use and so gentle that your pet won’t even realize they’re being groomed. Guaranteed to turn that stressful situation into quality time you’ll both enjoy!

Packed with protein

Redbarn’s new Protein Redbarn’s new Protein Puffs are a natural, clean label treat for cats and dogs, packed with 75% protein at less than one calorie per treat. Light and crispy, these healthy treats can also be used as a food topper or training aid. Made in the USA!