Homeopathic Treatments For Animals


How a chance encounter led to the development of a homeopathic that helps treat cancer and other chronic diseases in animals.

Those who use homeopathy know how effective it can be. Veterinarian Dr. Jan Hale is one of them, although he came to it by a serendipitous route. In 2001, his wife opened an art gallery and Dr. Hale, though busy with his veterinary practice, helped her out by working there on weekends.

“One day a man came in and asked me if I’d be interested in running his own gallery,” says Dr. Hale. “After we talked, I discovered art was not his main mission in life. He owned a pharmaceutical company that produced a homeopathic primarily used to treat cancer in people. It all started with his own diagnosis of intestinal cancer and the threat from his physician that his colon would have to be removed and he’d be carrying a colostomy bag around for the rest of his short life. In a few choice words, the surgeon was assured that would never happen!”

Dr. Hale listened with interest as the man described his search for an alternative treatment for his condition. The result was a formulation called Enercel, which helps the body heal itself by “activating both mitochondrial and non-mitochondrial energy pathways throughout the body…resulting in improved function, health, metabolism and resistance to infection and stress.” This in turn enhances the body’s immune system so it can optimally fight infections, repair tissues and decrease inflammation. “That was nearly 20 years ago, and the proprietor of this product is still with us, healthy and going strong at over 70 years old,” says Dr. Hale.

Impressed, Dr. Hale wondered if Enercel could be adapted for use in his animal patients. “Treating cancer in animals has to be one of the most frustrating and emotionally draining aspects of veterinary medicine, and if there was something that could be effective in the management of these patients, I was all in.” So Enercel-Vet was born. “I have been using it to manage animals with cancer and other degenerative diseases for ten years now.”

Enercel-Vet contains seven homeopathic ingredients including Lycopodium Clavatum, which helps treat carcinomas as well as other deep-seated and progressive chronic diseases. The formulation also contains Arnica Montana (for reducing inflammation and pain), Aloe Socotrina (for tiredness, weakness, etc.) and Lachesis Mutus (to enhance blood flow and ease depression).

Dr. Hale found the product could help with other problems besides cancer. “I discovered in using it with cancer patients that other conditions would improve, primarily appetite, energy levels, and in some cases lameness. Intestinal conditions like diarrhea were quickly cleared up. So I began using the product in the treatment of other conditions. Its physiologic effects are systemic and that’s why so many non-optimum conditions improve.

“Our mission is to make this safe and effective product available to all animal owners and their veterinarians for the purpose of improving their lives by staying healthy.”

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