How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let My Rabbit Run Around The Office

So, on Tuesday, notices were posted all around my apartment complex outlining that the fumigators (kind of like the terminator, but instead of humans they kill bugs – the suits can be similar though!) would be coming around and spraying each of our apartments the following Thursday. If any of you are familiar with this, you know that having a pet can make this process dangerous for your fuzzy or feathered loved ones if the spray is not pet-safe.

Well, the spray was not pet-safe. Fun, right? Fortunately for me, the office at Amazing Pet Expos is pretty pet-accepting. Well, 100% pet accepting is more like it! I informed my boss of the situation and let her know that if any dogs were coming the next day, they would need to be kept in another room, since my chosen fuzzy companion happened to be a rabbit.

Rabbits are wonderful, personality-filled, finicky floppy-eared children. My particular rabbit is known for chewing on a cord or two (laptop cords can be expensive, by the way), so his first adventure to my office was a bit of a heart attack for me. Like any office, there are cords galore here, and plenty of places for him to squeeze under and behind. I was also worried about whether he would make a mess on the floor or not.

Of course, like any pet or toddler, he was a perfect angel in front of other people. He hid somewhat, but only so he could go into a dark area and get some sleep (he hates sleeping in his pet taxi), and constantly came out to let me know he was still around. When it was time to go, he promptly hopped into his “hotel room” and let me shut the door.

If you’ve never had to take your pet to work and are contemplating doing so, I recommend the following to help with your own sanity:

1. Establish a Home-Base.
His pet-taxi was underneath my desk all day, along with his litter box, his toys, and food/water bowls. He knew where they were at all times in case he needed a snack or a bathroom break. He also stuck around in my general area throughout the day.

2. Bring Plenty of Food and Water.
Even if they don’t eat it, sometimes they just like knowing they have access to it. My rabbit didn’t eat all of his food, so I left it out for him to eat when he did get hungry. There was so much excitement during the day that he was more interested in exploring and meeting everyone!

If your pet is more used to a routine with their food, however, I would recommend sticking to the routine so that they know, even though they’re not home, the rules still haven’t changed. Other dogs in the office are only fed at certain times throughout the day just as they would if they were at home.

3. Let Them Explore (Assuming Your Workplace is Pet-Safe).
All animals are curious! It’s just in our nature – we want to know where everything is. Who likes walking into their friends’ new house with no clue where the bathroom is? I know I don’t! Don’t chase after your pet with 100% worry on your mind. Know that their exploration is completely natural.

If you do get worried – like you know your pet really will use the bathroom in the office, then it might be best to get a baby gate or something similar for your furry child in order to keep them near you all day.

Our office is swarming with pets from day to day – from tiny rat terrier mixes to ferrets to Pit Bulls to rabbits – so we’re constantly adjusting to their way of doing things! It can be hard to concentrate, but some of the suggestions above may give you time to get some work done.

Of course, if your pet is anything like mine, he or she is the boss and some demands you just can’t ignore!

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