Hudson the Railroad Puppy’s Happy Ending

When one thinks of puppies, the image tends to be of a warm and happy, adorable little furball. There is a sweet innocence associated with baby animals that tends to make even the hardest of hearts melt. Which is why there is a particular type of horror associated with the thought of anyone harming these precious creatures.

When we read about Hudson the Railroad Puppy’s start to life, we could barely accept the reality that such cruelty could exist. Hudson and two of his siblings were nailed by their paws to railroad tracks in Albany, NY when they were just three weeks old.

The pups were rescued and taken to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in Menands, NY where they were given treatment for dehydration, malnutrition, infection and the injuries to their paws. Two of the puppies pulled through, but one sadly did not make it. The other sibling lost two toes and was going to be okay, but Hudson needed extra care.

After being assessed by veterinary surgeon Dr. Tom Bowersox, it was determined that Hudson was a good candidate for a prosthetic limb. Despite his rough start in life, Hudson persevered and became the first dog in the state of New York to receive a prosthetic limb. A couple months later, Hudson was adopted and could finally start living the life he deserved.

With a pay-it-forward mindset, Hudson’s new family decided to enrich Hudson’s life even further. At only two years old, Hudson is now a CGC, AKC, TDI-certified therapy dog. Hudson the Railroad Puppy has made great strides to change hearts and minds about Pit Bulls, and about people’s ability to overcome challenges in life.

Hudson and his family travel to schools, hospitals, adult day care facilities and hospice facilities. They talk about how to approach dogs and show how even with being so abused and having a prosthetic paw anyone can adapt and overcome and still have love for everyone. They try to teach everyone they meet that having a disability does not have to prevent you from doing great things.

They also attend many fundraisers for different animal shelters and for different causes such as raising money for dog parks, suicide prevention, cancer walks etc. Hudson may have had a horrific start to life, but now his life is filled with making a positive difference in the lives of people and animals.

While our eyes still fill with tears with the thought of what Hudson went through, our hearts are warmed by this amazing example of finding the silver lining in even the darkest of clouds.

To learn more about Hudson, follow him at

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