Humanely Raised Dog Treats


Treats that are clean, healthy, and humanely raised by a company with many years of experience in the natural nutrition field.

When you have 20 years of experience in the natural nutrition field, you know a thing or two about dog treats. Anthony Bennie (right) fits that bill. “I started my career in 1991 and was fortunate to have been a pioneer in the natural pet movement,” he says. He and his wife, Amanda, are now the co-owners of Clear Conscience Pet, a company they launched a year ago.

The couple’s focus is to create healthy, clean, humanely-raised treats and chews for dogs and cats. “Our mission is to focus not on the daily food portion of the diet but on the very important but rarely scrutinized part of the diet that is provided by treats, chews, and food enhancers,” explains Anthony. “Our feeling was that the industry has done a very good job of moving the masses towards more natural foods, but that there was still way too much ‘junk food’ and poor quality in the treat part of the diet.”

Not only are Anthony and Amanda dedicated to providing companion animals with wholesome, natural, high quality treats, but they also put a strong emphasis on humane sourcing their ingredients – hence the company name. “Our philosophy is a call to greater awareness of not only how we feed and treat our animals, but to establish a link between what we feed our dogs and cats and how we raise and treat farm animals in this country and around the world,” says Anthony.

With this in mind, the company’s products are all made from grass-fed, free-range or organically-raised livestock. This makes them not only more humane, but also cleaner and healthier for dogs and cats. When Clear Conscience Pet first launched, it offered three products – that number has grown to 12 in just one year.

“The treats are oven-roasted and made from organ meats that are rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients,” says Anthony. “This is opposed to the typical ‘cookies’ on the market full of grains, sugars and ‘fillers’ that add empty calories to the diet and can contribute to the huge problem of obesity.” The treats are made from ingredients such as roasted organic lung, liver and heart from bison, beef and lamb. The company also creates dental chews for dogs made from cartilage, trachea and tendons, as well as SuperGravy, which mixes with any pet food to form a nutritious brown gravy coating. “We use a patent-pending process called OSV™ that ‘enrobes’ the treats and chews with air dried organic ‘SuperVeggies’ to enhance the nutritional value.”

Anthony and Amanda often make donations to rescue groups. “We also provide product for fundraising events and offer certified rescue groups and shelters special pricing on our entire line. I also try to personally help those who call or write with difficult nutritional challenges they are facing with their animals. If I can help that family and their animal, it is very gratifying for me.”

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