i Love Dogs is More Than Just Dog Products

Eric Chan founder of i Love Dogs.

i Love Dogs not only sells healthcare products for pooches but also offers a spectrum of informative resources on all things canine.

When a love for dogs and a head for business come together, great things happen. Eric Chan is proof positive. He’s the founder of i Love Dogs , a five-year-old company that does much more than just sell products or services.

“Eric understood that animal parents were becoming increasingly frustrated that they couldn’t visit one website to obtain the information they needed to care for their dogs,” says Amelia Lerutte, the company’s PR and Social Media Assistant. “I Love Dogs was launched to become a one-stop source for everything a dog parent needs to know. We have a network of websites that feature the latest dog news, rescue stories, dog-friendly destinations, health articles and a line of all-natural vitamins and supplements.”

The company’s supplement line includes a multivitamin, an antioxidant, an immune booster, glucosamine and chondroitin. “They contain decaffeinated green tea and reishi to help bolster a dog’s overall health,” says Amelia. “Green tea helps fight antiradicals and boosts dogs’ immune systems.”

Also available is a line of stylish gear such as jackets, totes, and a handy dog-walker’s belt bag.

“We also engage dog lovers through our network of lifestyle oriented apps and websites,” says Amelia.

“Our goal is to educate dog parents and promote a concept of ownership that supports including and engaging a dog in all aspects of one’s life. We seek to keep dog parents informed on up-to-theminute dog news; healthcare information to maintain their dogs’ wellness; and lifestyle tips for traveling with canine companions.”

Three main websites have been set up to accomplish all these objectives. “iloveDogs.com is the source for breaking dog news, our rescue network and blogs,” Amelia explains. “iloveDogFriendly.com is our guide to where dogs are welcome, and features weekly travel tips and dog-friendly listings. And Findavet.us helps people locate a veterinarian in their area, and provides dog healthcare news and weekly how-to stories to help people maintain their dog’s health.”

This innovative company extends its passion for pooches by giving back to the community on several impressive levels. “Last year, we sponsored the Amazon CARES Vets Abroad program so volunteer vets could be sent to Peru to help companion animals in dire need of medical attention. We have also teamed up with charities including the spcaLA; Operation Baghdad Pups with SPCA International; and the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation. We are also proud to sponsor various I Love Dogs ambassadors who participate in agility competitions. Additionally, our website has a Rescue Network dedicated to adoptions and reader rescue stories.”

Given all the ground that I Love Dogs covers, it’s not surprising to learn that Eric isn’t the only one on staff who is passionate about canines. “We are dedicated animal parents who enjoy educating and promoting the well being of dogs to other animal lovers,” says Amelia. “Our company name says it all: each one of us loves dogs.”

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