Innovations For Your Litter Box

litter box invention

How one man’s background in engineering led to problem-solving products for litter boxes.

No one enjoys cleaning out litter boxes,but few decide to do anything about it. Brad Baxter is an exception. A former Ford engineer and product designer, Brad (pictured above) disliked having to scoop his cat’s litter several times a day. So he put his expertise and experience to work and developed an automatic litter box that would do away with the inconvenience. He called his creation the Litter-Robot, and launched it in 2000 with the founding of Automated Pet Care Products.

The Litter-Robot works by automatically sifting clumps out of the litter. It not only eliminates daily scooping, but helps save litter and manage odor. “Our goal is to make the life of the cat owner easier,” says Michael Sick, in charge of business development for the company.

This isn’t the only product the company offers. For those with an eye for the aesthetic, or who don’t have a basement or other nook to tuck the litter box away in, Kitty A Go Go is a line of designer manual litter boxes made from durable plastic with a choice of six patterns and colors.

The newest addition to the company’s product line is the Feed- Safe Feeding Station. “It’s a dome-like feeding station with sliding doors that can be adjusted to keep a larger animal from eating a smaller animal’s food, thereby eliminating the need for protective gates or for feeding the smaller animal on the counter,” says Michael. A cat can enter the station to eat or drink, but the dome prevents dogs from sneaking kitty’s dinner behind your back.

“Creating innovative solutions to common pet owner problems is our mission,” says Michael. Quality, caring and responsibility are also bywords for Automated Pet Care Products and its staff. “We use sustainable practices, build in long term durability, manufacture in the United States and minimize waste and disposal,” Michael says. “We have also donated products to various non-profits for fundraising use, and offer discounts for other groups.”

The company’s attention to quality, innovation and problem solving reaps regular rewards for Brad and his employees. “Many customers tell us that our products have changed their lives, and are delighted with how well they are made,” Michael enthuses. This feedback is used for more than just a pat on the back, however; it’s also analyzed for ideas. “Many of the enhancements we have made over the years directly resulted from talking to customers. Making our products in the United States allows us to make these improvements and continue getting this type of feedback. It’s extremely gratifying.”

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