Inspired by Animals


The pieces created by art duo Erin and Dino often depict colorful interactions of animal species. In this guest blog post, they explain why animals inspire them, and the effect they hope to create with their artwork.


By Dino and Erin

There is an unparalleled feeling of comfort and awe when you’re in the presence of a wild animal. We have an infinite reverence for the entire spectrum of life. We treat all sightings as magical moments and observe the rarity with all the wonder it deserves. When given the time, the observed routine of a solitary ant in the street can be as incredible as that of an elephant of the Serengeti. These observations can translate to the everyday activities we witness with our pets. Our animal companions are more than additions to our households; they are beings under the care of our guardianship.

This is how we like to envision the colorful creatures that we create through art. All friends, working together for the good of the planet that sustains everything we know. An interconnection of systems that seamlessly blends images of the real world with those of the imagination. All existing in an ever-evolving and adapting multi-dimensional landscape that unveils itself to the viewer in ways only they can see.

In creating these artworks, we are producing glimpses into a purely unique universe, that symbolically mimics our own in every possible way. Whether viewed through the fresh eyes of a 1 year old, or the wise eyes of the experienced, the message is clear. The world is a beautiful place, life is a miracle, and the power of the human mind is infinite, if it chooses to be. We hope to inspire the potential in all who view our art, and we will continue to do so for as long as we Live.


We encourage and greatly appreciate the public sharing of any artwork that we post within this blog. That is why they are there. When faced with the mission of creating awareness and love for the animals of Earth, a new value system needs to be acknowledged. The reward spectrum for others viewing our art is vast and can include any of the following actions:

1. A smile 🙂

2. The moment when instead of killing the ‘bug’ in ones’ presence, the bug is handled gently, admired, and marveled upon during its human helped journey to a safe location.

3. The cancellation of a hunting or fishing trip because one can no longer add to the mass slaughter of a lifeform that is simply trying to survive.

4. A healthier walk by of the meat section on the way towards the colorfully delicious fruits and veggies.

5. The extension of a nature walk, or addition of a nature walk to a ‘never too busy for a nature walk’ daily routine.

6.The picking up of a pencil or pen to create visions of your own that you can gladly share on this blog for all to see and enhance our collective efforts.

8. A new appreciation for your pets.

It is a goal that will take time, but it is worth every devoted instant. Avoid the distractions, strengthen your motivation, and enjoy every moment of the blessings of life. Help others to do the same, be they mammals, reptiles, insects, sea creatures, humans or microbes. Balance must be restored to the planet; bio diversity must be preserved. We are all here now on the same planet, and we have obtained the gift that allows us to be good. With unified intentions, it will be easy. We all deserve to experience perfection.


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