Ingredients: Dog Nutritients


A company with a superior knowledge of ingredients and a commitment to quality can result in effective products that work.

When Oscar Tenorio moved to southern Florida in 2009 with his dog, Zizu, the young Weimaraner started itching and scratching. “I think the humidity and hot weather gave him skin irritations,” says Oscar. At the time, Oscar had just started working with Vetimed Inc., a family-owned company that traded human supplement ingredients between the US, Latin America and Europe.

“After consulting with a vet, I started giving Zizu a concentrated Omega-3 we had,” Oscar explains. It worked well (Zizu has had no skin issues since), inspiring Oscar to start creating products for dogs and cats. “These ingredients were only for humans, but we knew we had the chance to improve animals’ quality of life in a significant way. We spent about three-and-a-half years researching ingredients and their sources, and designing the best combinations. We launched four products for animals in 2012, including one called Omega-3 Support, which uses the same concentrated ingredient I gave Zizu.” Soon, PureLife 4Pets was launched as a brand of Vetimed.

Along with the Omega-3 product for skin, coat and cardiovascular health, the company offers an antioxidant for dogs and cats, as well as supplements for joint mobility and immune support, all made from quality natural ingredients. As well, a new supplement for weight management has just been launched. “It works naturally with the body to help maintain a healthy weight, with no side effects,” says Oscar. “We have our roots in the ingredients industry and that is reflected in how we formulate our products. Dealing with raw materials for over a decade has given us a lot of knowledge about the industry and how to put ingredients together to get the most benefit from them.

“For us, knowledge is key and passing on that knowledge is our responsibility,” Oscar adds. “We publish pet health-related tips every week and a newsletter every month that talks about everything from allergies to dangerous foods. We are a go-to Facebook site for pet care tips. We also pass our knowledge to our retailers so they too can provide good quality advice to dog and cats parents. We work with rescue centers, trainers and others to raise animal health awareness.”

PureLife 4Pets’ mission is about making families happier by helping ensure their dogs and cats stay healthy and enjoy a good quality of life. “To see a dog or cat recover or improve his health is priceless,” says Oscar. “For example, we have a customer with an 11-year-old dog that had two hip surgeries and was barely walking. After two weeks of being on our joint mobility supplement, he was jumping in the pool, running and playing tug-of-war again. That’s what I enjoy the most.”

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