It’s Logical – Whole Food Diets for Our Pets

whole food

What could make better sense than dog and cat diets made from whole foods, with no synthetic vitamins, minerals or other additives?

If you’re looking for a healthy, natural diet for your four-legged friends, you no longer have to search high and low to find one. But as little as eight or nine years ago, the choices were considerably more limited. That’s when Scott Freeman founded Nature’s Logic, a pet food company that specializes in high quality whole food diets for dogs and cats.

“In 2005, Scott started developing the concept for a pet food that focused on the benefits of whole food nutrition,” says Sales Director, Heather Hickey. She adds that Scott was inspired in part by a veterinarian friend who shared a similar approach to nutrition. “He wanted to see if it was possible to create complete pet diets that supplied all essential nutrients from whole foods, rather than depending on synthetics to easily and cheaply meet the nutritional requirements.”

“With our diets, all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids are supplied by food and natural ingredients only,” says Scott, adding that he launched Nature’s Logic in early 2006, in Lincoln, Nebraska. Today, the company offers a complete line of high quality dog and cat foods, ranging from kibble and canned to raw frozen diets, and incorporating a wide variety of protein sources, including chicken, beef and lamb as well as rabbit, salmon, duck and venison. The company also has a selection of healthy, additive-free treats, including frozen raw bones, as well as treats made from all-natural organ meats such as beef lung, trachea, and liver. There are even two supplements, including North Atlantic sardine oil for Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation, and a food fortifier that offers all-natural vitamins, minerals, probiotics and enzymes.

“Our diets are created with the rationale that animals thrive better on products made from food only,” says Scott. “We do not make any diets that are insufficient and then need to be fortified by synthetic nutrients made in chemical plants.”

“They’re made in the US with ingredients sourced from the US, or from countries with good food safety practices, like New Zealand, Australia, Norway and Italy,” adds Heather. “Our ultimate goal is to provide nutritious, safe products that people can feel good about feeding their canine and feline family members.”

With this much dedication to quality nutrition, it’s not surprising that Nature’s Logic also goes out of its way to help animals in other ways. “We support our local Humane Society and donate monthly to rescue group events for their fundraisers,” says Scott. “We make many donations to non-profits and animal wellness groups,” Heather continues.

Scott says he loves seeing the difference Nature’s Logic products make in the lives and health of dogs and cats. And it’s a love shared by Heather: “We take take great satisfaction in creating the best pet diets possible – diets that we confidently feed to our own animals, and then share with everyone around the world.”

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