ZTPR recently was named as one of the top public relations company in both the United States and Canada (with head offices in West Hollywood) but its company mascot / animal coordinator named Corona is the real employee stealing the spotlight!

Corona, a four-year-old Maltipoo who was originally born in Toronto, Canada, has been living the life in sunny California with ZTPR’s President Zack Teperman by his side. His biography on the company’s website says it all, “Bark! Bark! Bark! I’m a dog, what did you expect?!”

Teperman, who credits Corona for helping to sign many celebrity clients (and even being named by some celebs as their good luck charm) due to his overall cuteness and friendly behavior tells Animal Wellness that, “Corona is our secret weapon. Who could say no to that face!”

Teperman tells us that he takes Corona for weekly runs on the beach, hikes and feeds him a healthy dose of organic dog food.

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