Mobility Tools For Animals

Dog with great mobility jumping.

This family-owned company formulates innovative mobility products for animals that relieve pain and discomfort while healing on a cellular level.

Break down the word “disease” and it becomes “dis-ease” – signalling a body that is not at ease with itself. Arthritis and related joint problems certainly fit this definition – along with the pathological changes they cause in a dog’s joints, they also generate symptoms that aren’t easy to put up with, including pain, stiffness and limited mobility. These symptoms in turn impact the dog’s quality of life and his levels of happiness and contentment.

Brothers Jason and Trevor Watkin took a holistic approach to canine mobility and wellness when in 1999 they founded Purica, a subsidiary of the Nutraceutical Medicine Company. This family business specializes in natural products for both animals and people – products formulated to not only treat various health problems, but to create a sense of well being, harmony and ease in those using them.

Purica offers several products for animals – Recovery mobility formulas for dogs, cats and horses, as well as glucosamine and MSM supplements. The Recovery formula was based on research that Jason accumulated during his formal education in Germany, encompassing biochemistry, naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the aging process. While writing his thesis on the aging process of cells, and how it may be positively affected by nutrition, Jason developed the original prototype for the Recovery products.

Back home in Canada, Jason finalized his formula. Recovery® SA, the supplement for dogs and cats, features hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and MSM, as well as a proprietary bioflavonoid complex called Nutricol®, which contains EGCG, proanthocyanidins, theaflavin and resveratrol. Nutricol heals on a cellular level by reinforcing the membrane and matrix of cell structure; increasing membrane receptivity to hormones such as insulin, IGF and thyroxine; and reducing trauma by improving the cell’s resistance to, and ability to repair, damage.

The product helps prevent and halt many lameness-associated conditions; it also improves canine endurance and is ideal for athletic dogs. Along with relieving pain, increasing flexibility and modulating inflammation and spasms, Recovery SA helps with skin, digestive and breathing issues.

A year later, thanks to the product’s success in animals, the company expanded its line to include humans. “We wish to help relieve suffering and restore well being in humans and animals equally,” says Jason. “Our products are made to go beyond simply providing natural safer alternatives to drugs. They’re designed to help recover youthful cellular function, which shows in the results. To us, ‘the proof is in the pudding’.”

Along with its focus on meticulously-formulated health products, Purica also works with the Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association in Cowichan Valley, British Columbia, both by fundraising and sponsoring the organization with product.

Because Purica is such a results-based company, Jason loves “sharing information that truly helps, even when it seems hopeless. Playfulness prevails when an animal is limber, happy and free from discomfort!”

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