Natural Dog Products For a Long & Healthy Life

Occasionally, an unhappy event can set someone on a whole new path. That’s what happened to Elliot Harvey. “Many years ago, I was involved with natural remedies for people,” he explains. “When people got ill, many would come to me and ask for natural remedies, which I gladly made for them. I was called a ‘witch doctor’ by many people I worked with. Herbs, homeopathy, essential oils and nutrition were not part of mainstream culture.”

Then along came Shadow, a beautiful white German shepherd puppy. “He was my buddy and went everywhere with me.” Tragically, Shadow died of cancer when he was only five. Elliot was heartbroken. “It put me on my quest to help animals and find organic and natural ingredients to ward off illness, stop malnutrition and obesity, and help animals grow healthy and strong.” Elliot started by reading dog food labels and ingredient profiles, and came to believe it was commercial pet foods and treats that were making animals sick. “These products were made with unhealthy ingredients linked to cancer, diabetes and more. It had to stop!”

Elliot took action by creating Great Life Performance Pet Products in 1996. The company offers quality foods, biscuits and supplements, including medicinal mushrooms, digestive enzymes and liver detoxification. “My main mission is to constantly explore the natural realm of ingredients and create unique pet products. I discover healthy new ingredients to alleviate many conditions found in dogs today and offer them a long, healthy and happy life.” In order to ensure the finest ingredients possible, Elliot insists on independent lab tests to assure quality. He has also visited growers, and checks sources to make sure products meet or exceed USDA guidelines.

“We also give our customers free health advice and support, and I do educational seminars for pet stores as well as groups like the Herbal Society of America,” continues Elliot. “We donate food, treats and money from sales to different animal rescues, and work with breeders who desire quality products.”

As if he wasn’t busy enough, Elliot has also written a book called The Healthy Wholistic Dog which features over 261 therapies and protocols for canine ailments, syndromes and diseases. Shadow’s legacy has certainly had far-reaching effects.

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