Natural Pest Control For Dogs

Ever wonder why the traditional cedar chest is made of cedar? It’s because this aromatic wood is so good at keeping moths, silverfish and other pests at bay. It’s also excellent for controlling flea and ticks on dogs and cats, says Robert Amarine, owner of Cedar Oil Industries, a company that offers a wide range of safe, organic cedar oil-based products for everything from head lice and mosquitoes to fleas and ticks.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Cedar Oil Industries was the brainchild of Dave Glassel and Dr. Ben Oldag, who started making natural pest control products about eight years ago and began marketing them to the public in 2008. The two were motivated by a desire to introduce people to safe, organic alternatives to pesticides. “We’re dedicated to protecting animals, children and their families from the serious health consequences of pesticides,” says Robert. “We work to reduce pesticide use and promote safe, effective all-organic alternatives.”

The products were an instant success and the company now has approximately 300 dealers throughout the U.S. and 30 more in other countries including Canada. The company’s line includes Nature’s Defender cedar oil spray for dogs and cats, and Indoor and In/Outdoor Eradication Kits, which include sprays, concentrates and repellent granules to remove fleas from the environment as well as the animal. The Pestigator is one of the company’s trademark products. “It’s a water injection pump that runs from a new or existing irrigation system,” explains Robert. “It delivers cedar oil formulated insect control agent wherever the water is distributed to make that entire area pest free.

“We use Juniperus Virginiana which mimics the cedars of Lebanon, unlike other cedars,” he adds. “It is all natural and has been used for more than 1,000 years for insects. Our products, unlike traditional chemical solutions, do not affect honey bees, butterflies, toads and other beneficial insects and animals. Nor do they affect the aquatic life of our waterways and soil.”

This is good news for anyone wanting an effective, earth-friendly alternative to chemical sprays, spotons and pesticides. “Studies show that less than 1% of pesticides actually reach the intended target – the remainder has many unintended recipients including animals, people and wildlife – and insects have developed a resistance to chemicals.

“Our cedar oil products do not enter the bloodstream,” Robert adds. And unlike many other natural flea control products, they don’t just repel pests. “Cedar oil is one of the only known substances that will kill flea eggs and larvae. The oil dehydrates them, eliminating the second generation of insects. Steroid treatments or other medications are no longer required.”

Today’s savvy consumers look for products that go the extra mile, and Cedar Oil Industries lives up to that expectation. The company goes far beyond basic pest control to encompass human and animal health, the natural environment and our wildlife. What could be better?

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