Natural products for dogs and cats

This eco-friendly online pet store focuses on natural products for dogs and cats.

Sometimes the simplest ideas have the most clout. When Marty Grosjean founded Only Natural Pet Store in 2004, he was motivated by his personal passion for a natural, eco-friendly and organic lifestyle. “He wanted to offer people an alternative to the big brand kibbles and conventional vet pharmaceuticals that control the market,” says Bob Dodge, the company’s VP of Direct Marketing. “The business started in the proverbial garage, and from this meagre beginning has grown to become a leader in online natural pet living.”

The internet retail company offers a complete range of organic, natural products, including pet food and treats as well as supplements that address all kinds of issues including allergies, joint support and immune strength. There’s also natural flea control and grooming products, cat litter and accessories such as toys, bowls, beds and cat scratchers, along with flower essences, herbs, homeopathics and other holistic remedies. “Everything we sell must meet our detailed standards for being ‘natural’,” says Bob. “The idea is that if our customers buy from us, they don’t have to worry about checking the ingredients, because we’ve already done that.”

To help them with this, the company has a Veterinary Board of Advisors composed of two vets, Dr. Jean Hofve and Dr. Steve Sanderlin. “Both are experienced holistic veterinarians who understand the importance of alternative approaches to pet health. Dr. Hofve is well known in the industry and is a frequent speaker and author about holistic pet health issues. Dr. Sanderlin is a practicing vet here in the Boulder area and is continuously using our products and providing us feedback. Both help with product development and contribute content to our website, which has a lot of articles and other information about holistic healthcare.”

Marty and Bob pride themselves on operating an eco-friendly business. “We strive to benefit the environment as much as possible by running on 100% wind power, operating our facilities at near zero waste, using recycled and compostable packing materials, encouraging our employees to bike and bus to work, and doing anything else possible to lower our carbon footprint,” explains Bob.

The company also supports animal charities and causes around the world. “We recently completed a promotion that will benefit the Seeing Eye Dog Foundation and Pets for the Elderly. We are frequent contributors to the Humane Society as well as international causes such as the Japan earthquake/ tsunami and Haiti earthquake relief efforts.”

Only Natural Pet Store has come a long way since its humble beginnings in a garage, and is now comprised of a large warehouse from which products are shipped all over the country, as well as a retail store in Boulder. “The most enjoyable part of what we do can be seen at our company every day. The office kitchen is filled with as many dog bowls as plates, a customer service call is often followed by a tug-of-war match, and there’s at least one wagging tail at every meeting. We truly care about what we do.”


Ann Brightman is Managing Editor for Animal Wellness Magazine and Integrative Veterinary Care Journal. A lifelong animal lover, she has also been a writer and editor for over 25 years. Ann is a member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada and is also a Tai Chi instructor.