A Naturopath’s Switch To Animal Products


Naturopath, Dr. Lisa Newman, was stunned when her nine month- old Rottweiler died of parvo, even though the puppy had been vaccinated against the disease. She did some detective work and realized her pup’s diet was the culprit. “I was shocked to learn what she had been eating – ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT and byproducts – in her scientific, vet-recommended diet, and what effect this had on her digestive tract, leaving her more susceptible to parvo,” she says.

At the time (1982), Dr. Newman was studying human naturopathy and working as an AMTA certifi ed therapeutic massage practitioner and health consultant certifi ed in clinical homeopathy, herbology and nutrition. When her human clients began asking for advice for their animals too, she identified a niche that needed fi lling. “I saw there was not a great understanding of holistic care for animals. As the universe brought more cases (and vets who saw my results) to my door, I figured I was meant to focus on animal care. I began formulating my own products because I was concerned about the lack of quality natural products for animals.” Dr. Newman’s interest, experience and knowledge came together to form Azmira Holistic Animal Care, a company that today offers over 120 high quality natural care products for dogs, cats and other animals. “These include foods, nutritional supplements, behavioral remedies, immune stimulating and symptom reversing herbs, homeopathy, and topicals such as organic shampoos, wound sprays and safe dips.” The products are available globally through vet clinics, natural pet and health food stores and web-based businesses.

Azmira’s trademark offering is Dr. Newman’s Holistic Animal Care Lifestyle, a step-by-step systematic approach to preventing and healing disease, and the subject of her book Three Simple Steps to Healthy Pets. “It’s a naturopathic lifestyle that encompasses the use of natural healing, healthy diet and living through nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, clarity of mind and heart, and body therapies like therapeutic touch or chiropractic and energy work such as acupuncture or Jin Shin. This is the best way to not only reverse disease, but to prevent it. There is no one thing that can cure all! They are needed in combination as they all have different functions in the body. This is what I learned working with thousands of successful cases that many others had given up on.”

Azmira’s mission includes educating people about holistic health care for animals. The company offers a full range of free educational materials. “As I always say in my seminars, the more an owner or veterinarian knows and understands, the better it is for the animal.”

As if she wasn’t busy enough, Dr. Newman is also a founding member of the Veterinary Research Council. “This is a veterinarian-driven organization committed to proving the value of natural remedies and protocols.” Azmira also donates products and funds to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and no-kill shelters around the world.

Dr. Newman is proof positive that a solid background in holistic healthcare and a strong dedication to healing animals adds up to a winning formula.

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