North American Dog Treats


This entrepreneurial family has a passion for baking healthy, all-natural treats made from ingredients sourced right here at home.

There’s been a lot in the media lately about dicey dog treats made in China, and how they’re making some animals sick. The good news is that there are companies using natural, domestically-sourced ingredients to create wholesome choices. Joe and Margot Crump, founders of The Crump Group, produce meat and sweet potato dog treats, made from North American ingredients.

The entrepreneurial couple purchased the company in 2006. At the time, it was a very small business, which meant they started out with very little. “What we did have was lots of energy and enthusiasm and a two-car garage for production,” says Joe. “The first few years were a bit scary, but also exciting.” Since those days, Crumps has moved twice, and the family-run company, now situated in Brampton, Ontario, is selling its products to specialty pet retailers all over North America.

The Crumps’ Naturals line of treats includes a range of healthy goodies designed to appeal to all canine tastes. They’re made from simple, wholesome ingredients sourced in North America, and contain no coloring, preservatives or additives. The company’s Traditional Liver Fillets, for example, are made from Canadian federally-inspected liver. And forget about commercial rawhide – Crumps’ Sweet Potato Rawhide is a safe, healthy, digestible alternative made from Ontario sweet potatoes. If your dog prefers a softer snack, Beef Tendersticks contain only pure beef.

“Each and every new product is tirelessly scrutinized in three areas,” explains Joe. “One is palatability and the second is ingredients. The ingredients must be kept to a minimum and sourced in North America. In fact, our most complex product to date only has three ingredients. Thirdly, the product has to  t into our healthy, all-natural set.”

Family is very important to Joe and Margot, and it’s reflected in their lives both at work and at home. The couple, who live in Caledon, Ontario, have four teenage children, and also share their lives with two companion animals – Alice, a two year- old Labradoodle, and Cuddles, a three-year-old calico cat. Employees are also treated like family. “Our greatest asset is our people,” says Joe. “Every team member in the company cares about the entire process – from producing a quality product to communicating with customers. We maintain a very open culture where all input is valued and everyone has a voice. Everyone in management is often out on the floor working with staff, and more importantly, listening.

“With a number of food safety issues surfacing in the market, we have dedicated numerous resources, time and training in an effort to become a globally recognized ‘food safe’ manufacturer,” concludes Joe. “In fact, our current manufacturing facility has been completely retro fitted with food safety in mind, and we recently received our Global Food Safety Certification.” Tasty treats that are healthy and safe – now that’s a great combination.

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