Valery Ortiz, star of the hit VH1 series Hit The Floor, has a special little friend she lives with who is starting to grab a lot of attention on Ortiz’s social media… her cute 7-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Myli Myshell!
Valery took the time (with Myli by her side) to chat with Animal Wellness about the ‘real’ Myli, and how this little pup stays healthy and has been grabbing the attention of Valery’s thousands and thousands of fans via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook whenever a photo of her is posted.
1. Tell us, what is Myli’s diet like?
I’ve learned she has a very delicate stomach but she looooves to eat! She’ll eat anything and everything if you give it to her! She eats twice a day now, with a vet-recommended dental stick chew sometimes midday for her teeth! Since Myli is so small, a healthy diet is essential. No dog should be over weight but it’s even riskier for the smaller breeds.
2. Myli is now growing up in Hollywood – home of the stars – has she turned into a diva yet?
Myli is living the life here! She loves catching some sun rays on our balcony whenever she can, it makes her day… She gets so happy!
3. Does Myli have any new favorite toys?
Her grandparents bought her a few toys for Christmas that she loves! One of them included a little wooden toy that has pegs. You hide a treat under one of the pegs and she has to sniff her way and essentially push the correct peg off to get her treat! She wasn’t use to ‘working’ for her treats too hard so it took a couple of attempts for her to understand how to get it. These type of toys though stimulate dogs brains and gives them new challenges! It’s cute to watch her, and she loves them all now!

For more on Valery, her upcoming second season of Hit The Floor, and to see adorable photos of Myli, follow her on Twitter at: @ValsTweet


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