Nutraceuticals For Aquarium & Zoo Animals

Critters of many kinds are enjoying improved health thanks to a company that formulates nutraceuticals for aquarium and zoo animals as well as dogs.

There aren’t many companies that make nutraceuticals for zoo and aquarium animals as well as canine companions. “We recognized a niche in this industry,” says Joseph Fava, co-founder of Animal Necessity along with Dr. Norma Pestano and veterinarian Dr. Johanna Fava. “There were no other supplement companies focused on creating protocols for zoo and aquarium animals.”

The trio brought an impressive range of knowledge and experience to the building of the business. “Johanna’s specialization is in aquatic medicine, specifically marine mammals, and she also grew up around alternative medicine as her parents were in the industry,” says Joseph. Dr. Pestano, meanwhile, has over 30 years of clinical experience as an Orthomolecular Nutritionist. “She is our main motivation,” says Joseph, who is himself the company’s CEO. “We set out from the very beginning to model ourselves on her holistic approach to patient care.”

Animal Necessity formulates a variety of nutraceuticals for animals of all kinds, including dolphins, whales, sea lions and other critters, as well as dogs. Among their products for canines are Ocu-GLO Rx, a unique vision support supplement that contains 12 antioxidants, including lutein, grapeseed extract and Omega 3 fatty acids. The company also offers supplements for joint health, immune system, liver and neurological support, as well as skin and coat care and aids for digestive problems and anxiety.

“All of our formulations are backed by science, much of which has been published in human medical journals and comes from Dr. Pestano’s experience,” says Joseph. “Our customer care team is made up of health professionals, including board certified veterinary ophthalmologists, behaviorists, zoo and aquatic specialists, scientists, researchers, technicians and human medical doctors.” Joseph adds that calls and emails from customers are answered by one of their ANSAT (Animal Necessity Scientific Advisory Team) members. “This is part of the free service we provide. We feel we better serve our clients not by being a vending machine for products but with a holistic approach that begins with research, leading into creating the most appropriate protocols, manufacturing the highest quality products and following through with professional customer care.”

ANSAT members are involved in international associations such as the AHVMA, the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmology, World Small Animal Veterinarian Association and many others, and are often asked to speak at scientific meetings. Animal Necessity is also starting a newsletter to help educate its customers on complementary and alternative medicine as well as keep them informed on the latest research and projects the company is working on.

“Our entire team is passionate about animal healthcare and all have committed in their own way most of their careers to helping animals,” says Joseph. “What I love the most is receiving feedback from customers that our products are helping keep their animals healthy and their families happy.”

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