Olive Oil For Dogs

olive oil

The moisturizing and healing properties of olive oil formed the inspiration for a line of all-natural eco-friendly spa products for dogs.

What’s good for us can often be just as good for our canine companions. Dog lover and businesswoman Jasmine Serdengecti would agree. In 2007, she and her husband started a company called Posh & Co, selling imported olive oil soaps for people. “One day, we used the soap on our dog Nikki,” says Jasmine. “Her coat became so soft and shiny we said ‘why don’t we do a shampoo line for dogs?’” They did, and named their new products Nikki Green.

The Florida-based company is focused on offering products that are natural and eco-friendly as well as healthy. “We want all dogs to go green by using natural products instead of synthetics and chemicals,” says Jasmine. “Olive oil by itself is a natural conditioner, and it makes dogs’ coats extra shiny and incredibly soft to touch. It is also a natural antioxidant that moisturizes and soothes dogs’ delicate coats.”

The Nikki Green line includes six unique shampoos all made with olive oil. “They’re made without harsh detergents, chemicals, artificial coloring or toxins that can harm and dull a dog’s coat,” Jasmine explains. “We use 100% consumption-grade olive oil and Mediterranean sea salt essential oils.” Each shampoo features a different essential oil for a variety of scents. “We use lemon balm, lavender, a combination of tea tree and lemon, rosemary, spearmint and orange.” Each oil has been chosen for its healing properties as well as its fragrance. For example, the lavender shampoo calms the dog and repels fleas, while rosemary strengthens hair and helps alleviate dry skin or dandruff. “We also offer organic cotton doggy bathrobes and some natural bath and grooming gift sets for dogs.” Jasmine adds. You can choose from colorful cotton towels and a natural soft bristle heart-shaped brush. “We believe that dogs should be treated like human beings. We try to create the best posh spa products for the furry ones.”

Jasmine and her husband are planning to add more new products to the selection. “We’re creating seasonal scents for the shampoo line, and would like to focus on a grooming line. We also hope to introduce new products for puppies in the future.” The couple extends their love of animals to the community as well. “Posh & Co is involved with Paws 4 You Rescue, a non-profit animal rescue organization based in Miami, as well as Fur Fitness Foundation, which helps animal lovers and veterinarians address the growing crisis of animal obesity.”

Though the company started out selling products for people, Jasmine says she’s more than happy with their change in direction. “We made the best choice by switching to the pet industry!” she enthuses. “I am a true dog lover and I like to spoil all dogs with natural exclusive products. For me, there is no difference between humans and dogs.”

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