Patriot PAWS Service Dogs

patriot paws

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Location: Rockwall, TX

Year established: 2006

Number of staff/volunteers/foster homes: 10 staff members, 140 volunteers, 42 puppy raisers

Types of animal they work with: “We place service dogs with disabled veterans, and Labrador retrievers are our breed of choice,” says April Hull. “We acquire them as puppies and begin training immediately. Plans are being discussed to look at using rescue dogs from local shelters who will be evaluated for the ability to make good service dogs with proper training.”

Fundraising initiatives: “We provide service dogs to veterans at no charge, and are funded 100% by private donations, so to continue acquiring and training dogs we are continually accepting invitations to do presentations and demonstrations with service dogs. People also organize golf tournaments on our behalf, invite us to car shows, 5K walks, parades, conferences, etc. We apply for grants from private foundations and talk to corporations about payroll deductions and matching gifts from their employees.”

Favorite rescue story: “In July of 2011, veteran Richard Heath had a stroke while home alone with his service dog, Wendy. The Labradoodle was able to drag him to his chair in the next room so he could get himself off the floor. Wendy also brought Richard his phone without being told. When she realized his right hand was not working, she offered the phone to his left hand instead, something she had not been trained to do. Richard managed to call his wife for help. He has since mostly recovered from the effects of his stroke and credits Wendy with saving his life.”

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