Pet allergies linked to gender

New findings reveal that people with pet allergies might not be allergic to all dogs… just the male ones!

Are you allergic to dogs? Don’t write off the idea of adopting a canine companion just yet! Thanks to a new diagnostic test for pet allergies, doctors have discovered that up to 30 percent of dog-allergic patients are only sensitized to one specific protein made in the prostate of male dogs. In other words, if you have pet allergies, you might be able to tolerate female dogs or male dogs that have been neutered.

According to Dr. Lakiea Wright, Board Certified Physician in Internal Medicine and Allergy and Immunology, this discovery could open up a world of possibilities for pet-lovers who thought they couldn’t have a dog or rehomed a beloved companion because of a suspected allergy. “ImmunoCAP component testing can tell you whether you’re allergic to the protein found in the skin, fur or saliva of a dog, and if you’d be able to tolerate a male dog versus a female dog,” she says.

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