is your pet eating a healthy diet?

Many positive changes have been made in the pet food industry. But that doesn’t mean all brands on the market are “good” for your pet. Follow these five tips to ensure you’re feeding him a healthy diet.

1. Turn to the experts

Get a holistic or integrative veterinarian’s recommendation for food to give your companion. Avoiding certain foods or ingredients out of fear can result in nutritional deficiencies.

2. Read and research

“Be aware of good science-based manufacturing practices, procedures, quality of ingredients, formulas and company integrity,” says Patti Saladay of Northwest Naturals, a premium pet food company.

3. Check the grade

Human grade ingredients are subject to tighter standards than animal grade. “We’re a USDA active human facility,” says Patti. “We view manufacturing pet food the same as we do human food under the same guidelines, procedures and rules.”

4. Speak up

Call the pet food company if you have any questions, and steer clear of any company that doesn’t readily provide simple, clear answers.

5. Offer the best

Keep your dog or cat’s immune system strong by feeding him the highest quality pet food your budget will allow.