Survey links pet ownership to professional success

Good news, pet parents! According to new findings, your animal companion might be improving your success in the workplace.

A recent survey conducted by Kelton Research revealed that the path to success is paved with pets! That’s right – findings from the poll, which involved over 850 working professionals, revealed that 93% grew up with a pet, and 78% attribute their success, in part, to this fact. The executives also said that being around animals taught them valuable life lessons, including responsibility, empathy, and creativity, helping them to thrive in the workplace. And the findings don’t stop there…

  • 24% said that their childhood pet taught them more valuable lessons than their first internship
  • 77% claimed they came up with a business idea while walking a pet
  • 62% believe pets had a positive impact on their ability to build relationships with coworkers and clients
  • 80% of people surveyed said they felt more connected to colleagues who own pets
  • 79% believe that colleagues with pets are hard workers.

Looking to get a leg up at the office? Head down to your local shelter and adopt a dog! Or at least get a goldfish.


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