Pre-Made Natural Dog Food

Liza Cowell’s dog Skye was only two years old when she fell ill a decade ago. “After two months of working with the vet, I did my own research to fi nd a healthier alternative, as Skye was literally at death’s door,” Liza explains.

She searched the internet and discovered Canine Life, a natural dog food pre-mix created by Liza’s mentor who was studying to be a nutritionist (and who wishes to remain anonymous because of health issues). Developed nearly 15 years ago, the pre-mix is made from organic ingredients including whole grains, healing herbs and other nutrients. Combined with fresh meat and veggies, it makes wholesome baked muffi ns for dogs. “To create it, historic nutritional texts were studied, along with the nutritional principles of luminaries like Juliette de Bairacli Levy, Dr. Richard Pitcairn, Dr. Donald Strombeck and Dr. Randy Kidd. The studies also included work in traditional Chinese medicine, herbs and homeopathy.”

“After seven months of treatments, supplements and a nutritious diet, Skye was given a clean bill of health,” says Liza. “My vet believed Canine Life contributed to her recovery by supporting her immune system during treatments.”

Liza was so impressed she approached her mentor and offered to make Canine Life available to the public, both as the pre-mix and as pre-made muffi ns. She called her new Ontario, Canada-based company The Skye’s the Limit for Canine Life Ltd. “This phrase truly captures my belief when it comes to nutrition for dogs.”

Canine Life also has a west coast branch, thanks to Joanne Fraser, who lives in British Columbia with her two golden retrievers. “After ordering Canine Life from Liza, and seeing how well my dogs did, I also approached her mentor and West Coast

Canine Life began producing pre-mixes and muffins in early 2004,” she explains. Canine Life is now available across North America. A range of formulations is available, including custom made muffi ns for dogs with special needs. “We also offer guardians a variety of proteins and vegetables to choose from when ordering pre-made muffins.” Both companies use fresh, local organic ingredients.

One thing that makes Canine Life unique is that all the muffins are home baked by a network of stay-at-home moms. “It’s a win-win situation,” says Liza. “The moms contribute to their family’s income while still being home with their children, and we get a dedicated team of bakers who take pride in creating a nutritious diet for dogs.”

Both Liza and Joanne emphasize education. The Skye’s the Limit helps its retailers educate customers, and works with various regional rescues, while West Coast Canine Life offers canine nutrition workshops and seminars. “As well, partial proceeds from the sale of all products are donated to the The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund, part of the University of Guelph’s Veterinary College and Teaching Hospital Pet Trust. The fund supports cancer treatment and research and the building of Canada’s fi rst cancer center for animals.”

For Liza and Joanne, and the many dogs they’ve helped, the sky truly is the limit!

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