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1 Year Subscription Package


Making the transition from unhealthy to healthy has never been easier with Animal Wellness Magazine!

Our subscription package Includes:
4 print copies, 4 digital copies, 12 monthly Health Reports, 2019 Coupon Book, Top Health Tips E-book and a BONUS Living Pawsitive Bandana!

Want to be a hero for homeless and abandoned animals in your community?

Select a rescue below and we will donate 25% of each subscription to an organization in need!

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Purchase a 1 Year Subscription package from Animal Wellness and join a community of animal lovers where you will learn about Natural Health, Natural Nutrition, Positive Training, and Active Lifestyle to keep their pet living a long, healthy life!

At Animal Wellness Magazine, we believe the foundation of optimal wellness and happiness is built upon these FOUR PILLARS.

Become your pet’s hero by subscribing to Animal Wellness Magazine and giving them the gift of a long, healthy life!

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