High-quality raw pet food

Owned and run by a farming family, this pet food company goes the extra mile to ensure quality raw diets for dogs and cats.

Not many pet food manufacturers have farming experience. An exception is Brett Flahr, the president of Spring Meadows Natural Pet Food in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Brett founded his company in 2004 as a way to provide animal guardians with high quality whole ground raw pet food. “As a seasoned farmer, it was a business venture that made sense,” says Brett. “Being able to take our product from pasture to pet plate enables us to guarantee a quality product at an affordable price.”

The company offers a wide range of frozen raw diets made from beef, chicken and lamb as well as alternative proteins such as alpaca. “We have just launched a turkey product that is available in two sizes,” adds Brett. “This product is made from whole birds and not just bits and pieces of the turkey.”

Also available are high quality fish oil and joint care supplements, as well as the company’s Veggie Mix, which can be added to the raw food for an extra boost of nutrition and fiber. The company has high quality treats too; they’re made from dehydrated organ meats.

“It just made sense that feeding that kind of diet is best,” says Brett. “We fed our pets on the farm all the scraps from butchering. Now we take all the good stuff and make it convenient for the consumer. Understanding the varying needs of our clientele, we provide a variety of product sizes that make it easier to feed small to large animals. Our fine grinding process ensures that there are no large bone pieces, making us cat and small dog friendly.”

Spring Meadows is family owned and run. “We are proud of our product and the health and vitality it offers our four-legged friends,” Brett says. “We are here for people who are seeking the best for their animals.” The company has also implemented the Good Manufacturing Practices recently set out by the Canadian Association of Raw Pet Food Manufacturers. “This initiative provides an accomplished measure of pet food safety and quality programming within the Canadian raw pet food industry,” explains Brett. “We implemented these new recognized quality standards in May of this year.”

The company sources all its ingredients locally. “Whether we raise the animals ourselves, or rely on local farming partners, all suppliers uphold our guidelines for raising the animals,” says Brett. “Year round, our grazing animals are hay and grass fed, and the chicken, lamb and goat are all fed high quality natural foods.”

For Brett, the addition of pet food manufacturing to farming was a natural move, and one he takes pleasure in every day. “I enjoy the interaction with people and the fact that we make a high quality product that has made many animals very healthy and happy.”