How Pureluxe is leading the way to a more transparent pet food industry

Pureluxeis changing the pet industry landscape one bag of food at a time by focusing on transparency — and urging competitors to do the same.

Do you know what’s in your pet’s food? Elements like synthetic chemicals, heavy
metals, and artificial preservatives exist within our food chain. Luckily, these contaminants are all required by the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) to be under a certain level in pet foods. But toxins cannot be completely removed, so knowing what’s in your pets’ food is one way of minimizing their exposure. The good news is, this transparency trend is on the rise in the pet industry. The bad news? Not all companies are jumping on board. Enter Jeremiah Davis, the industry expert behind a new movement that’s taking transparency to the next level.

Despite how far the industry has come, many pet food brands still don’t include key nutritional information on their ingredient labels. This prompted Jeremiah, along with his business partner, Patrick Mendicki, to create PURELUXE — a pet food company focused on providing pure nutrition, luxurious results and perfect transparency. Since their official
launch in 2018, PURELUXE’s mission has been to open consumers’ eyes to the importance of clean, trustworthy ingredients. As a forerunner in the evolution of pet food transparency,
Jeremiah advocates for more consumer education and accountability from pet food companies.

“Our customers deserve to have the same information we have behind-the-scenes, so they know our food is actually what we say it is,” says Jeremiah. “What animals eat plays a large role in their quality of life and longevity, so there should be no unknowns.” After more than 20 years in the pet food industry, Jeremiah noticed a gap between what is marketed to pet parents and what is in the bags. This inspired him to be a disrupter and push other food brands to bare all. Today, PURELUXE is setting the bar high as far as transparency is concerned, and striving to hold other brands accountable to the same standard.

PURELUXE’s ingredient selection process and transparency procedure makes them stand out in an ever-growing market. They strive to exceed AAFCO standards, and the manufacturer confirms that there are no fillers, sugars, by-products, or chemical preservatives in any of their bags. All ingredients are sourced from the United States, New Zealand and European countries and are carefully selected to positively boost the digestive health of pets. If consumers type their unique product code into the company’s website, they can see the full analytical data of the specific batch they are giving their pets.

Jeremiah’s personal prerogative is to inspire a healthier, safer industry in which transparency is a rule, not the exception. “It would be great to see more companies become more transparent with their consumers and provide them with details about their brand that is relevant to them and their pets,” he says. This push for transparency is pivotal to the future of PURELUXE, and the pet food industry as a whole. “It’s simple,” Jeremiah adds. “Transparency and pure nutrition is what is needed to ensure that pets are fed the best foods so they can live healthier lives.”

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