The Real Meat Company lives up to its name by ensuring its food and treats for dogs and cats are made from whole, quality meats.

In order to enjoy optimal well-being, dogs and cats need healthy diets. Those diets need to include real meat. Most commercial pet foods contain very little, if any, quality named meats, so it’s a relief to know there are other options.

“When I first got into the pet food business, I was surprised at how bad the foods were and how little meat went into the formulations,” says Glenn Gorham, owner of The Real Meat Company in Montrose, California. “I was also shocked by how much money was being spent on marketing cheap junk.” Although Glenn started out as an employee with the company, he was so passionate about the need for better quality pet foods that he ended up purchasing it and turning it into a family-owned business. “The motivation was and is to provide clean, wholesome products for dogs and cats.”

The Real Meat Company specializes in food and treats that are not only made from high quality ingredients but are also affordable to average consumers – an important consideration in today’s economy when so many struggle to care for their pets properly. “It is important that our food is not only good, but affordable for all those who need and want it,” says Glenn. “Healthy nutrition should not be limited to the wealthy.”

The company lives up to its name by ensuring that real meat is the main ingredient in all its food and treats. “Our foods contain 90% meat, while our treats are 95% meat,” Glenn says. “The meat is sourced from only the finest farms in the US, New Zealand and Australia, and is free range and humanely raised, without growth hormones or antibiotics. Our fish comes from the clear oceans of the South Pacific.” No grains or fillers are used, nor are any artificial preservatives or flavorings. Another bonus is that all the products are packed in the US. The foods are made from air-dried lamb, chicken or beef and contain organ meats as well – the gentle air-drying process maintains the nutritional integrity of the ingredients, which also include vitamins and minerals, pumpkin, and herbs such as parsley, rosemary and inulin (from chicory root). The treats run the gamut from natural, healthy jerky made from chicken, beef, lamb and venison, to air-dried turkey and duck necks, and crunchy goodies made of air-dried venison and wild boar organ meats. There’s even a selection of natural food seasonings to give your dog or cat’s meals a boost of extra flavor and nutrition.

“I like to cook and make good food for people and pets, and seeing them happy,” says Glenn, who has four rescue animals – two dogs and two cats. “Animals don’t get to go to the movies or watch Netflix, so one of their biggest joys in life is a good snack or meal, and we provide that.”

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