Reiki For Cats

Reiki emergency

Sharing time and Reiki energy with a special shelter cat named “Merry” left a lasting impression on this animal communicator.

From the first moment our eyes locked, Merry reeled me in, hook, line and sinker. She’s the office cat at our local Humane Society. I met her one afternoon in late fall, the most beautiful white, gold and black kitty, lying on a sofa in the conference room. I was told to keep my distance because she might bite! Merry looked up and checked me out. As an animal communicator, I introduced myself and asked her if it was all right to join her on her sofa. She sized me up and communicated back: Feel free. I asked her if she would like some Reiki. I don’t know, she responded. Just sit with me for a while. I will let you know.

Introduction to Reiki

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful Japanese system of healing. It is energy work similar to Healing Touch, where the practitioner channels energy from the universe through his/her hands. It supports self-healing on all levels by balancing energy, and working on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of the body. Reiki is practiced in major hospitals all over the world to assist cancer patients, help with pain management, speed healing after surgery, etc. It’s also applied to animals and complements both allopathic and holistic medicine.

Reiki is based on the concept that all living beings have universal energy (life force) flowing through them. When this energy becomes blocked, stuck or slows down, you feel less energetic, easily stressed and more susceptible to disease. When this energy is flowing with no obstructions, you feel strong, healthy and relaxed. The same applies to animals.

Reiki originated in Japan and was taught and practiced by Mikao Usui in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is now taught all over the world as a system of heal- ing for both humans and animals. Anyone can learn to give Reiki. All you need to do is take a class from a Reiki Master Teacher.

Animals love Reiki healing energy. There is no issue or condition that Reiki cannot help, although it is important to note that it is not a cure-all. Reiki will support the animal in the way he needs the most, always working for his highest good. Reiki is never a substitute for good veterinary care, but it does complement all forms of veterinary medicine.

Merry accepts healing

I sat on the sofa, trying not to disturb Merry too much. The sun was low in the sky, casting a soft light into the room. I sat with her in the stillness and took some deep breaths. Merry was checking me out, wondering what my agenda was. With my hands in my lap, I began the flow of Reiki. Merry looked up at me and sighed. She was snuggled in a fleece cat bed that was barely big enough for her to curl up in. She would use the walls of her bed to “walk” on when she wanted to change her position.

As we sat in silence, I asked Merry how she had been feeling since the surgery that removed her cancerous breasts. I am a survivor, she announced. Don’t I look great to you? I am so much more than the cancer. I wish they would all stop introducing me as the cat with cancer. I don’t have cancer. I feel so much better. They need to learn to focus on the positive things in life and not dwell on my past. I told Merry I understood what she was saying. I knew I was in the presence of a very wise soul.

Merry gave me permission to place my hands on her body. I placed one on her hip and another on her shoulders. She soaked in the Reiki. She began to purr and bliss out as her eyes closed. She moved several times in her bed, then rolled on her back. I heard her say, It is time for you to place your hands here. I gently placed one hand on her heart and the other close by; this was the area that had been filled with cancer. The Reiki energy became even more intense here than it had been on the rest of her body. It was like placing my hands on a little heating pad.

After awhile, I felt a sharp pain. Merry had bitten me to let me know she was done. The session was over. She got up and walked away, but not before she turned and said, Thank you for listening to me. Not many people have actually taken the time to listen to what I have to offer. Thank you for respecting my wishes and for understanding that I am cancer-free. I have work to do here. I am the greeter of this shelter. Tell the staff they need not fear my demise. I will be around for a long time to come.

I thanked Merry for allowing me to share Reiki energy with her. I talked to the office manager and shared some of what Merry had told me.

Two years later, Merry is still the office kitty and shelter greeter. There’s something very special about her. This wise teacher taught me so much in the short time we were together.

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