Dog Rescue Ambassador: Triumphant Tails

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Location: Kemah, TX

Year established: 2011

Type of animals they work with: All breeds of dog, including shelter and street dogs

Number of staff/volunteers/foster homes: Wide volunteer base, five foster homes

Fundraising initiatives: “A large portion of the funds required to run our organization on a day-by-day basis are provided by us personally,” says co-founder Kym Ann Dabideen-Denton. “For those ‘hard luck cases’ that require emergency or ongoing vet care, I post a plea for help on our Facebook page and create a fundraising account at”

Favorite story: “In March of 2013, we received an email from a Houston resident asking for help. She attached a picture of a homeless dog in horrible condition. The dog was missing most of her hair and her feet were bloodied and swollen. She was terrified of people, but we eventually captured her and rushed her to the emergency vet clinic. She was suffering from what our vet said was the ‘worst case of mange’ he had ever seen.

“Now, six months later, Solitaire (as we named her) runs and plays like any other dog. She has grown hair and gained weight, and looks like a completely different dog. She immediately took up residency on our couch as though she had been a house dog all her life. She will live out her life with us. We’ve overcome so many obstacles with her, and have created such a bond, that it would be impossible to re-home her now.”

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