Safe And Sustainable Pest Control

Finding a safe pest control product

How one dog’s toxic reaction to an insecticide led to a company that specializes in natural, earth-friendly pest control products.

Luna was only ten years old when Stephanie Boone was faced with the possibility of having to euthanize her. “She had been experiencing seizures, chronic skin issues, liver and kidney failure,” says Stephanie. The culprit was an insecticide called fipronil found in the pest control medication prescribed by Luna’s veterinarian. “The vets tried to convince me Luna had lived a long, good life and that it was ‘time’,” Stephanie says. “But that ‘solution’ wasn’t an option for me. It didn’t feel right.”

Stephanie began looking into safer and less toxic ways to control pests. “I delved into pesticide formulations, human and animal health impact studies, regulatory laws, and environmental policies,” she says. “My findings ultimately led me to the conclusion that there is a better option, a greener option, and most importantly, a safer option when formulating pesticides used on and around animals.”

Stephanie started Wondercide LLC in 2009. “It’s a producer of organic pest control and natural products for animals, people and property. Our primary objective is to treat the source, not the symptom, and to encourage further education and policy change about the use of toxic substances. We work with scientists, professors and holistic veterinarians to develop products void of harmful chemicals and synthetic pesticides, and we work to solve a variety of pest and animal health problems.”

Wondercide’s product line runs the gamut from natural flea/tick products, ear mite/infection treatment, organic soap and anti-itch tonic oil and spray, to natural lawn fertilizer, pest control for the home and yard, and organic cedar shavings for animal bedding. “The products are non-toxic and non-staining, making them easy and safe to use routinely on furniture, flooring and bedding to prevent and treat infestations,” says Stephanie. The company is committed to sustainability as well, and uses naturally-occurring renewable resources. “As a green certified Business with gold standard accreditation, we are dedicated to ecological, ethical and social standards.”

Wondercide provides support to various shelters, rescues and spay/neuter programs. “As part of company culture, each staff member dedicates personal time to outreach in the areas of adoption support, facility care, foster care, product donations, fundraising, and other initiatives,” says Stephanie. “We offer educational blogs and videos, and strive to educate consumers on the health risks and dangers of toxins. We partner with holistic veterinarians who respond to consumer questions on our website.”

Running a company is hard work, but Stephanie feels the rewards far outweigh the challenges. “I am grateful for the opportunity to have a positive, tangible impact on the health and wellness of animals and people. I’m also happy to report that Luna is now a happy and healthy 14-year old dog!”

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