Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

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Location: Cleveland, OH

Year established: 2000

Number of staff/volunteers/foster homes: One staff member, 25 dedicated volunteers, 20 casual volunteers, 18 to 22 foster homes

Types of animal they work with: Senior dogs, age seven and older, of any breed or mix

Fundraising projects: “We have Graying Muzzles, our annual calendar that celebrates old dogs,” says Deborah Workman. “And our Summer Scoop fundraising event is a party in the park for old dogs and the people who love them. In 2014, over 125 senior dogs came to the party.”

Favorite rescue story: “In April 2013, we rescued an 11-yearold deaf collie mix called Delilah. She was nearly 40 pounds underweight and had mammary tumors. Once her surgery was behind her and her health improved, her true personality emerged. Engaging, loving, and interested in everything, Delilah won the hearts of everyone she met. Believing in her potential as a therapy dog, her foster caregivers took her to training classes and taught her hand signals. She soon earned her Canine Good Citizenship and passed her therapy dog test with  ying colors.

“Delilah visited nursing homes and adult group homes, sharing her infectious spirit with young and old alike. She was with us 18 months before her health failed completely, but during that time, she loved every minute of her new life, and brightened the days of many people.”

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