Seen Around the Expos: Animals of ALL Kinds

A new initiative at the Pet Expos this year is what the company is calling their Creature Feature. If you see it, you’ll notice that a menagerie of animals are welcome in this area, whether they are giant lizards and falcons, goats and pigs, or hissing cockroaches and kinkajous!


This section was added when Amazing Pet Expos noticed a serious lack of awareness of other animal rescues, such as wildlife, farm, and exotic pet sanctuaries. The company believes that every animal should be rescued, no matter their size or breed.

This has also been demonstrated in their love of large dog breeds, such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, animals that are usually discriminated against through laws known as breed specific legislation. Amazing Pet Expos allows all animals to enter their doors with their pet parents, as long as they are on a fixed-lead and have updated vaccination records. It’s because of this that organizations like Pinups for Pitbulls (PFPB), founded by Deirdre “Little Darling” Franklin, participate in the events.

Franklin founded PFPB in 2005 after realizing that her background in modelling and fine arts education could help make a difference for Pit Bulls. Her team at PFPB, along with other models and volunteers, poses in a yearly pinup calendar with Pit Bulls in order to stir interest in the animals.

“We started the calendar because it gets a lot of media attention,” Little Darling explains, “Once we have the media attention, we can educate the media with science-based facts about Breed Discrimination and Legislation.”

After establishing that Amazing Pet Expos will welcome any dog or cat at their shows, they knew they needed to do more. “With the recent article about Exotic Pets by National Geographic Magazine, we knew that we needed to spread the word about the dangers of adopting these pets and the importance of protecting all animals,” says Patti Welch, Vice President of Amazing Pet Expos, “That’s when we decided to create a large area where families could go to learn about animals of all kinds. “


At the 2014 New York Pet Expo, the educational feature was started and found its base with two organizations, Noah’s Park Retreat and Jungle Bob’s Reptile World. These organizations are founded by animal-lovers who make it their priority to advocate and teach about animals, no matter the species. Their organizations become a refuge for animals that would otherwise be abandoned.

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, the latest Creature Feature to join Amazing Pet Expos on their journey towards spreading the word about animal rescues and sanctuaries that help farm and “exotic” animals, works tirelessly to let the communities around them know about the plight of farm animals. At the Cleveland Pet Expo, they will be speaking – while their booth will have a couple of their goats and pigs!


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