All-Natural Dog Products

Keys Soap natural dog products.

This company takes special pride in formulating natural, safe, healthy supplements, remedies and topicals for dogs.

While in Florida, we took our Bichon to a groomer we had used before,” says Bob Root. “After, he started pulling his fur out in clumps until he was bleeding. We washed him in some human natural soap and he was better enough to get some sleep.” When Bob and his partner Wendy Steele asked the groomer what they used on the dog, they were told it was an experimental product. When Bob tested the product himself, he was shocked to fi nd it contained dangerous quantities of sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) and other chemicals.

Bob and Wendy are the founders of Keys Soap, so they know a thing or two about safe, natural skincare products for humans. After the above experience, they wanted to start expanding their line to dogs. “We developed a pet shampoo called Mutineer. Then, after Hurricane Katrina, we were approached by a search and rescue team leader looking for something to relieve the skin of dogs exposed to chest-deep polluted water in New Orleans. We developed a naturally medicinal sprayable lotion that also repelled insects using various essential oils. It worked quickly and the handlers soon found it also reversed their own skin disorders.”

The couple was inspired not only by the Katrina dogs and their first Bichon, who passed away in 2010 at the age of 17, but also their current canine, another Bichon named Jasper that developed blepharitis, an extreme inflammation of the eyelids. “In February of 2012, we decided to spin off a dog product line that would become Koda by Keys.” The line encompasses a range of chemical-free natural supplements, remedies and topical therapies, including a natural healing spray, shampoo, insect repellent and spot cleaner, as well as supplements such as a lactobacillus probiotic-probiome, a natural calmative, joint supplement and a vegan replacement for fish oil. “All products are chemical-free, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and made from whole ingredients using functional medicine guidelines,” says Bob. “We work in concert with leading veterinarians, universities and naturopaths to research and develop products.”

Bob and Wendy aren’t stopping there, and are now working on searching out and designing safe accessories such as collars and dog bowls. “Pet bowls are sometime treated with Triclosan, which is a bactericide. When it gets into the animal’s gut, it kills the good fl ora needed for digestion.”

The company works with the Environmental Working Group on their Pets for the Environment Project. “We have also created a blog website called Koda Karma, which focuses on education and information to help people make good decisions for their animals. And we are involved with Hollywood’s Environmental Media Associations’ pet efforts.”

Bob and Wendy love to hear how one of their products helped improve or even save a dog’s life. As Bob says: “It gives me incredible satisfaction that we are helping increase the quality of life for the dogs we serve.”

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