Skin Solutions For Your Dog


The winter months can be hard on your dog’s paws, skin and nose. Road salt can irritate his delicate paws, ice and crusty snow may result in cuts and scrapes, and cold, dry air can chap his nose. Indoors, central heating dries out his skin and paw pads, and can even cause the latter to crack.

Potential skin issues don’t end with winter. If your dog has allergies, hot spots and other skin eruptions can make his life miserable during warm weather and/or flea season. And don’t forget the minor abrasions and scratches he can experience through daily play and rough-housing, whether he’s indoors or out.

There are many ways to help ease, hydrate and heal dry or irritated skin or paws, but it’s always best to choose a product that’s as natural as possible, and free of harmful chemicals that can sometimes make the problem worse.

Bag Balm ( is a tried-and-true remedy that helps protect and soothe paw pads, chapped noses and minor abrasions. Its long history began over a century ago, when it was created to soothe and protect the udders of milking cows. It wasn’t long before farmers discovered it had applications for dogs as well, and it continues to be a favorite today because the product stays in place better than others. Bag Balm is available at drug stores, typically in the skin care aisle, as well as pet stores, farm stores, hardware stores and feed and tack shops.

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