Supplement and Make a Difference


Helping people and animals is all in a day’s work for this supplement company.

A strong desire to help others can take someone a long way in life. Ken Meares is one such individual. When he and business colleague Miles DuPree founded Great HealthWorks in 2003, his main motivation was to help people achieve and maintain good health, as naturally as possible. “I have a long background in health, fitness and wellness, and have studied ongoing health trends,” says Ken.

Another motivation behind the company was Ken’s discovery that green-lipped mussel extract from the waters of New Zealand is an exceptionally good source of essential fatty acids. “Its uniqueness and effectiveness is found in the patented extraction process,” explains Jeff Roman, the company’s VP of Business Development. “Nowhere else in the world are these mussels found. Basically, the plankton in the waters in New Zealand has high antioxidant properties. The mussels eat the plankton, the mussels are harvested and we then extract their oil. This extract has 30 different essential fatty acids as opposed to the two found in many typical fish oils.”

Great HealthWorks started out by making a human supplement called Omega XL, using green-lipped mussel extract. “There are over 12,500 studies and published articles on Omega 3s,” says Jeff. “Omega 3s are scientifically proven to have many benefits including heart health, joint health, mental clarity and the reduction of inflammation in the body. It was an easy decision to search for an effective Omega3 for humans and animals, especially when the FDA has now allowed a qualified claim that diets rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.”

“It was natural that the passion for helping others would lead to helping people and their animals, so last year we started developing Mussel Dog,” adds Ken. Sourced from the same waters as their human product, Mussel Dog is a plankton-based Omega 3 fatty acid offering high levels of antioxidants. It’s formulated to offer dogs natural support for their joints, skin and cardiovascular systems. In creating this product, says Jeff, the company did extensive research using available studies and veterinary testing. “We are very methodical and deeply concerned about safety and purity in all our products,” he says. “We look forward to expanding the Mussel Dog line into a multi-product division through our new subsidiary, Great PetWorks, and we will continue focusing on care through quality natural and organic pet supplements and accessories.” The company has also recently established a partnership with the American Humane Association, an organization dedicated to protecting animals and children from abuse and neglect.

“We love the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people and animals,” says Jeff. Ken agrees, adding that few things are more precious and special than the love and attachment we share with our canine companions.

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