Sustainable Animal Furniture


Sustainable animal furniture that is attractive, stylish, clean and modern. Made exclusively for your dogs and cats.

Georgia Barbush was working as a registered vet tech at a local shelter when she and her husband, Mike, came up with the idea of creating furniture for dogs and cats. “For just over a year, Mike had been designing clean, modern furniture for our own animals,” Georgia explains. “We hung up some of his little fabric hammocks for the shelter cats and they really loved them.”

Inspired by the cats’ response, Georgia and Mike founded Peach Industries just over a year ago. “We want to create furniture that people can love as much as their animals do,” says Georgia.

The company makes attractive, quality cat hammocks and dog mats in a variety of colors and patterns to suit a range of home decors. Along with being stylish, the furnishings are also sustainable. “It’s especially hard to find pet furniture that is made in the US with toxin-free, environmentally conscious, domestically sourced materials,” says Georgia. “We wanted this for our own animals and we want to provide it for others. We are dedicated to keeping our sourcing and manufacturing entirely in the US.”

Products include the Kitty Lounger, a cotton hammock on a durable but lightweight frame made from birch plywood. “Our cotton is grown, woven, and printed or dyed in Mississippi,” adds Georgia. “Our wood is sustainably forested in the Pacific Northwest and contains only formaldehyde-free, soy-based glue. Many people don’t realize that standard plywood contains formaldehyde.”

The Park It Mat for dogs, meanwhile, is a travel mat and companion bag made from the same quality cotton. The mat also features a slim but dense CFC- and HCFC-free foam for the padding, and is water-resistant on the underside, making it ideal for travel or use outdoors. “For the future, we are working on a larger hammock design for medium to large dogs,” says Georgia.

As a former shelter vet tech, Georgia knows how important these organizations are for animal welfare. “We are always working with shelters and rescues, most often through product donations to raise funds,” she says. “I am particularly aware of the great need for these organizations and the vital importance of providing assistance to them. We’ve personally fostered animals, and volunteer with a local rescue to provide the dogs there with some basic training and socialization.”

While starting Peach Industries has been a learning experience for Georgia and Mike, they love every minute of it. “It’s always exciting to find new materials, improve our design, and develop the new skills we’ve picked up,” says Georgia. “Mike has particularly enjoyed learning to sew; he taught himself! As well, happy customers make our day and we really love seeing photos. Knowing that our work has made an animal so happy and comfortable is a wonderful feeling.”

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