Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Sweet potato dental treats.

Formulated by a chef, these sweet potato dog treats feature locally grown ingredients, and are produced as sustainably as possible.

As a child, Chef David Baldus was introduced to organic vegetable gardening by his mother. Since then, he’s been devoted to the study of nutrition and the creation of healthy, balanced meals. In 2003, his interest in quality food expanded to include dogs when he founded Front Porch Pets and started making dehydrated sweet potato dental treats. “We wanted to provide a healthy dental chew that was an alternative to rawhide, plastic and gluten-based chews,” says marketing director Beth Hinshaw.

Today, the company’s ‘Sam’s Yams’ product line includes a variety of healthy flavorful dental chews and treats, from dehydrated sweet potato “fries” for small pooches to “Big Boyz” sweet potato slabs for larger canines. “They have a patented grooved surface that provides friction on the teeth and gums, yet maintains the chewability dogs love,” explains Beth.

Their line of cookies incorporates nutritious ingredients like berries, cranberries, pumpkin and herbs. “The primary ingredients, sweet potato and applesauce, are two flavors dogs love,” says Beth. “This combination not only helps ‘carry’ the flavor of healthful but somewhat bitter herbs, but provides a good foundation for other complementary foods such as seeds or fruit, and culinary greens like parsley, mint and thyme.” There’s even a bone-shaped treat infused in chamomile tea to help calm jittery canines. “We find many veterinarians and groomers use this product.”

Front Porch Pets focuses on domestically grown produce and sustainability. “We recently moved our kitchens to Wild Rose, a small town in the central growing area of Wisconsin,” says Beth. “One source of our strawberries is literally across the street, and our cranberries come from a farm 30 minutes away. This year we are adding greenhouses which will be powered by re-used ‘waste’ heat from drying our chews. We will grow our own parsley, mints, watercress and other greens. Even the cardboard in our boxes comes from within 45 miles. We are also teaching local farmers about the use of sweet potato as feed for small scale pig production and chickens. This way, we can use our leftovers for feeding heritage breed animals.”

The new kitchen location is on 17 acres, where the company plans to hold various activities for dog guardians, as well as grow food. “We are developing plans to have all sorts of activities ranging from lure coursing to water sports,” says Beth. “We want to create events that draw dog lovers together to have some fun and learn a few new tricks.”

David’s mission, one that’s shared by Beth and the other employees of Front Porch Pets, is to help people keep their dogs in good health. “There’s always something new to apply to the way we do things,” says Beth. “We are always learning more about nutrition for companion animals.”

Learn more about these sweet potato treats @ https://www.frontporchpets.com/

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