Taking The Awkwardness Out Of Poop Scooping


Have you ever noticed that dogs look embarrassed when they poop? They usually look around nervously before squatting down to do the deed, with their ears pulled back as if to say, “Please, don’t watch me!”

But you know what’s more awkward than a pooping dog? An owner squatting down to pick up the poop. We’ve all experienced the “bag over hand” technique, and if you’ve had the sort of luck I have, you’ve also experienced dilemmas such as “too much poop for the bag”, “the double dip maneuver”, “I can’t get it off the damn grass”, and the “Oh my god, there was a rip in the bag and I didn’t notice and now there is poop ALL OVER MY HAND!”

I’ve also had the experience of walking blocks and blocks with a leash in one hand and a bag FULL of poop in the other, with no garbage can in sight. That stuff starts to smell right through the bag, you know. And of course, my dog always just looks at me like, “What? At least you didn’t have to poop in front of everyone like I did.” She has a point.Situations such as these led one Boston family to finally decide that enough was enough. Dozens of mishaps from picking up after their 110 lb German Shepherd/Greater Swiss mix culminated in a quest for a device that would efficiently collect the poop without any awkward problems arising. But after months of searching online and in stores, there were zero results, except for bulky backyard pooper scooper contraptions, and who has space to carry those bulky things while walking a giant dog?

The family decided to take matters into their own hands, or in this case, out of their bag-in-hands and into a device they designed. Thus, Scoopette was born. This hand-held, portable poop scooping contraption boasts a lot of useful qualities, but some of our favourites are:

  • Increases depth, height and width of human hand when scooping
  • Fits into your pocket or purse
  • Accommodates tall grass scooping via serration functionality
  • Accommodates concrete scooping via flush bottom surface

A full list of features can be found on the Scoopette website, and a video demo can be seen here.

Now, there is one situation I’m wondering about, and if Scoopette can help make it less awkward for both me and my dog, then I’m totally sold. The most embarrassing moment my dog ever experienced involved a pooping incidence in a crowded dog park. She scoped out a quiet corner, so as to draw the least attention to herself, and started to do her thing. Unfortunately, she must have eaten grass earlier, because the poop was hanging out of her butt, attached to a long piece of grass that refused to come all the way out.

The poor thing got scared and started running around yelping, all the while looking back at her butt as if something was chasing her. I finally caught her and, with a bag around my hand, had to pull that piece of grass out, poop and all. Of course, by this time everyone was staring. My dog was too smart not to notice the extra stares, and quickly hid under a bench, paws hiding her face, and refused to emerge, despite my promises of extra treats. She stayed there for a good 30 minutes until she finally slinked out with her head bowed, wanting to go home. An awkward moment indeed!

To learn more, check out Scoopette on Facebook and support them on Indigogo!

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