The Loss of a Love: Story Of A Passing Dog

On Christmas Day, I lost the “dog love” of my life. My amazing beautiful, loving and gentle companion, Andrew Starr, left his body at the young age of ten, when his sweet huge heart just stopped working for him.

He loved every moment life had to offer him and never took it for granted. He taught me many lessons about embracing love, appreciating life, the goal of good health – and above all, to believe that all things are possible.

Andrew had his share of challenges almost from the moment he came into our lives at the age of six or seven months. These included surgery for a torn anterior cruciate ligament at only nine months old; a diagnosis of degenerative spinal disease at age two, which was successfully treated with acupuncture, chiropractic, and supplementation; a bout of seizures when he was  five, which we opted to treat with homeopathy and supplements so we wouldn’t tax his liver any further (this treatment kept him seizure-free for the rest of his life); and cancer in the form of a mast cell tumor at age seven, which we had removed through surgery and followed up with nutritional supplements, homotoxicology, herbs, flower essences and topical essential oils.

Andrew responded so well to natural options and I feel so fortunate I was exposed to these treatments through my 12 years of work with Animal Wellness.

Just when I thought we could take a deep breath, the gong struck again. Late one evening, when he was nine years old, Andrew weaved toward me and collapsed in my arms. A trip to the emergency veterinary clinic turned up a diagnosis of ventricular tachycardia (his heart was going about 300 beats/ minute). When we left the ICU, we didn’t know if we would see Andrew alive again. But ever the  ghter, he pulled through with the help of a cardiologist and various medications. Still the cardiologist didn’t expect him to live long. As soon as we could, we switched him back to his integrative regimen and the cardiologist was so surprised at our last visit, he brought in a series of other doctors to discuss his case. We felt fortunate we had this additional 18 months with this beautiful soul.

Thanks, Andrew, for your gift of unconditional love. You’re now the biggest star in the sky.

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