The Pretentious Pooch calls attention to canine enrichment

Does your dog ever get bored? He could probably use some mental stimulation! Here’s how The Pretentious Pooch can help.

Have you ever heard the term “canine enrichment”? Just like us, dogs need physical and mental stimulation in order to thrive. But due to busy schedules and lack of education on canine mental health, many dog parents forego the latter part of this equation; they find time to walk their pups, but mental exercise falls by the wayside. Recognizing this all-too-common pattern, digital marketer and animal lover Dirk Watters decided to combine his passions to promote canine enrichment and make it part of the daily routine for dogs everywhere. In 2018, he launched The Pretentious Pooch – a company dedicated to fighting fur baby boredom.

“Canine enrichment is any addition to a dog’s environment with which the dog voluntarily interacts to experience improved physical and psychological health,” explains Dirk. From the start, his mission has been to ensure more dogs receive a great mental and physical workout every day. To accomplish this, he knew he needed to focus on two things: education and accessibility. “There is a very real need for more enrichment toys and education on the market.”

To fill this void, Dirk launched the PoochPack, a monthly subscription box focused on interactive canine enrichment. PoochPack is carefully curated to improve physical health, engage your dog’s natural instincts, and boost psychological well-being. Each box includes two top-of-the-line enrichment toys, organic limited-ingredient treats, a health and wellness item, and a monthly gift for the dog parent. It also includes an educational booklet to help dog parents get the most out of their subscription.

Now that Dirk has figured out a way to improve the education and accessibility surrounding canine enrichment, he has expanded his focus. He’s now working to make animal welfare a company priority. In August 2019, The Pretentious Pooch launched their PoochPack Scholarship – a program that donates free PoochPacks to dogs at deserving organizations. “We have plans to add more scholarship recipients and other philanthropy initiatives as we continue to grow,” says Dirk.

Thanks to his marketing background, Dirk thrives on the strategy that lies behind his company’s growth. You might say it’s what keeps his own mind stimulated! “We want to educate people on helping their pooches live their best lives – but first, we need to make them laugh or teach them something,” says Dirk. “Figuring out what makes someone stop scrolling – this is definitely my favorite part of the job. That, and spending time with pooches, of course. Allowing our office dogs to test products is both enlightening and hilarious!”

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