Tips for Traveling With Your Pet: Part II

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Last month, we focused on traveling with your pet cross country with Mike and Bixby of While Mike and Bixby traverse the country on bike, this month’s guest tends to fly with her pup. Rachel Phelps of will give a couple of her pointers as a dog-mom who has traveled all over the country with Preston (and sometimes his brother and sister), as guests at Amazing Pet Expos.

“Including both two and four-legged family members in your travel plans can make a very memorable and special vacation,” says Phelps. She should know as, she, her husband Brad, and Preston (and sometimes Preston’s sister, Daisy, or brother, Elvis) have been traveling to speak at conferences and conventions since 2011. They have gone to Pet Expos, produced by Amazing Pet Expos, since 2012, and spoken on pet travel at almost every single show.

“Our dog Preston travels almost everywhere with us!” Phelps continues, “He has taken over sixty flights, visited twenty-three states, and has stayed in at least a hundred hotels over the years.” They have worked hard to make sure that he has a routine, and that they know what to look for when traveling. Phelps offers these tips:

  • You will need to look for pet-friendly lodging and attractions. Luckily, there are some wonderful pet travel websites that will do the research for you and offer great suggestions for fun activities! (Amazing Pet Expos recommends Pet Hotels of America)
  • Make sure to plan plenty of extra time to get to your travel destination. If traveling by plane, it may take longer to complete the TSA screening process. If driving, you will want to plan for extra breaks for your pup to get out and stretch their legs.
  • Don’t forget to pack a bag for your pet! Make sure to include their food, medication, leash, vaccination records, and a few of their favorite toys from home.

“Preston even has his own routines when checking into a hotel. He has to jump up on the bed and make sure it is comfortable enough for him!” Phelps offers. Preston has become quite the experienced traveler, and like most pets, will look for ways to make himself comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. We also encourage letting pets explore the room so that they can make themselves more at home.

We at Amazing Pet Expos see pets from all over the country, sometimes all over the world. With so many local and national exhibitors, pets are bound to travel to an expo from either down the street or three states over! Phelps’ tips for safe travels with pets has been an exciting topic for pet-lovers who attend an Amazing Pet Expo, and her tips above are just a few of the ones she gives. To see her speak (and meet Preston, of course!) check out Preston’s Appearances.

By Seanna Tucker

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