To The Rescue – BrightHaven


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Location: Santa Rosa and Oakland, CA

Year established: 1990

Number of staff/volunteers/foster homes: 10 staff, over 50 volunteers, and more than 25 foster homes.

Types of animal they work with: “We rescue both farm and domestic animals of all breeds, with an emphasis on special needs and elderly animals at high risk for euthanasia,” says Mandy Schramm, Development and HR Director.

Fundraising initiatives: “We are currently fundraising for our capital campaign. Our goal is to raise $2 million to purchase the land (ten acres) BrightHaven operates on, hire additional staff, and cover operational expenses including remodeling and upgrades.”

Favorite rescue story: “Found as a stray after possibly being hit by a car, Daisy the Miracle Cat was diagnosed with dangerously high liver values, probable head trauma and other injuries. At the beginning of June, she collapsed and lay paralyzed in hospice care for three weeks; we were sure she would soon be leaving us for her next life. But Daisy is made of sterner stuff. Day by day, she grew a little stronger until she started moving her legs and lifting her head. Her vet urged her along with remedies, and she was surrounded with Reiki, until finally she got up and started strutting the house again, with strength, determination, a healthy appetite and a strong spirit.”

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